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MV(1)							      General Commands Manual							     MV(1)

mv - move or rename files and directories SYNOPSIS
mv file1 file2 mv file ... directory DESCRIPTION
Mv moves (changes the name of) file1 to file2. If file2 already exists, it is removed before file1 is moved. If file2 has a mode which forbids writing, mv prints the mode (see chmod(2)) and reads the standard input to obtain a line; if the line begins with y, the move takes place; if not, mv exits. In the second form, one or more files are moved to the directory with their original file-names. Mv refuses to move a file onto itself. SEE ALSO
cp(1), chmod(2) BUGS
If file1 and file2 lie on different file systems, mv must copy the file and delete the original. In this case the owner name becomes that of the copying process and any linking relationship with other files is lost. Mv should take -f flag, like rm, to suppress the question if the target exists and is not writable. MV(1)

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cp(1)							      General Commands Manual							     cp(1)

       cp - copy file data

       cp [ -f ] [ -i ] [ -p ] file1 file2

       cp [ -f ] [ -i ] [ -p ] [ -r ] file... directory

       cp [ -f ] [ -i ] [ -p ] [ -r ] directory... directory

       The command copies file1 onto file2.  The mode and owner of file2 are preserved if it already existed; the mode of file1 is used otherwise.
       Note that the command will not copy a file onto itself.

       In the second form, one or more files are copied into the directory with their original file names.

       In the third form, one or more source directories are copied into the destination directory with their original file names.

       -f   Forces existing destination pathnames to be removed before copying, without prompting for confirmation.  The -i option is  ignored	if
	    the -f option is specified.

       -i   Prompts  user  with  the name of file whenever the copy will cause an old file to be overwritten. A yes answer will cause to continue.
	    Any other answer will prevent it from overwriting the file.

       -p   Preserves (duplicates) in the copies the modification time, access time, file mode, user ID, and group ID as allowed  by  the  permis-
	    sions of the source files, ignoring the present umask.

       -r   Copies  directories.  Entire directory trees, including their subtrees and the individual files they contain, are copied to the speci-
	    fied destination directory. The directory, its subtrees, and the individual files retain their original names. For	example,  to  copy
	    the directory including all of its subtrees and files, into the directory enter the following command:
	    cp -r reports news

See Also
       cat(1), pr(1), mv(1)

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