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fish(1) 							       fish								   fish(1)

fish - fish - the friendly interactive shell fish - the friendly interactive shell Synopsis fish [-h] [-v] [-c command] [FILE [ARGUMENTS...]] Description A commandline shell written mainly with interactive use in mind. The full manual is available in html by using the help command from inside fish. o -c or --command=COMMANDS evaluate the specified commands instead of reading from the commandline o -d or --debug-level=DEBUG_LEVEL specify the verbosity level of fish. A higher number means higher verbosity. The default level is 1. o -h or --help display help and exit o -i or --interactive specify that fish is to run in interactive mode o -l or --login specify that fish is to run as a login shell o -n or --no-execute do not execute any commands, only perform syntax checking o -p or --profile=PROFILE_FILE when fish exits, output timing information on all executed commands to the specified file o -v or --version display version and exit The fish exit status is generally the exit status of the last foreground command. If fish is exiting because of a parse error, the exit status is 127. Version 1.23.1 Sun Jan 8 2012 fish(1)

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TUXTYPE(1)						      General Commands Manual							TUXTYPE(1)

tuxtype - TuxTyping typing tutor SYNOPSIS
This manual page documents briefly the tuxtype command. TuxTyping is an educational typing tutorial game starring Tux, the Linux Penguin. The player guides Tux to eat fish which are falling from the top of the screen. Each fish has a letter written on it. When the player presses the corresponding key, Tux will position himself to eat the fish. The game is intended for children learning to type, though it does have higher difficulty levels which even experienced typers may find challenging. OPTIONS
-h, --help, -help Prints this help message -f, --fullscreen Selects fullscreen display (default) -w, --window Selects windowed display (not fullscreen) -s, --sound Allow in-game sounds (default) -ns, --nosound Disables in-game sounds -sp, --speed Speed up gameplay (for use on slower machines) -st, --static Static (non-scrolling) setting (helps on systems where mouse disappears) -v, --version Display version number and exit -vb, --verbose Select verbose output (for debugging) (Warning! Verbose is /very/ verbose!) AUTHORS
Sam Hart <>. Man page written by Laurence J. Lane <>. Feb 6, 2001 TUXTYPE(1)
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