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epiphany(1) [v7 man page]

EPIPHANY(1)															       EPIPHANY(1)

epiphany - simple to use web browser for GNOME SYNOPSIS
epiphany [OPTION...] [url] DESCRIPTION
Help options -?, --help Show help options Application options -n, --new-tab Open a new tab in an existing browser window --new-window Open a new browser window -b, --bookmarks-editor Launch the bookmarks editor --import-bookmarks=FILE Import bookmarks from the given file -l, --load-session=FILE Load the given session file -t, --add-bookmark=URL Add a bookmark --private-instance Start a private instance --profile=FILE Profile directory to use in the private instance --display=DISPLAY X display to use --version Show version Epiphany has a comprehensive help system. Run the browser and select Help from the menu. AUTHOR
Written by Marco Pesenti Gritti, Christian Persch and others. GNOME
May 2006 EPIPHANY(1)

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XCHAT-GNOME(1)							   User Commands						    XCHAT-GNOME(1)

xchat-gnome - a new front-end to the popular xchat IRC client SYNOPSIS
xchat-gnome [OPTION...] OPTIONS
Help Options: -?, --help Show help options --help-all Show all help options --help-gtk Show GTK+ Options --help-bonobo-activation Show Bonobo Activation options --help-gnome Show GNOME options --help-gnome-session Show session management options --help-gnome-ui Show GNOME GUI options Application Options: -d, --cfgdir=directory Use directory instead of the default config dir -a, --no-auto Don't auto-connect to servers -n, --no-plugins Don't auto-load plugins -u, --url=irc://server:port/channel Open an irc:// url -e, --existing Open URL in an existing XChat-GNOME instance -v, --version Show version information --display=DISPLAY X display to use SEE ALSO AUTHOR
Marco Cabizza <> Guillaume Desmottes <> xchat-gnome 0.14 August 2006 XCHAT-GNOME(1)
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