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CMP(1)											   CMP(1)

       cmp - compare two files

       cmp [ -l ] [ -s ] file1 file2

       The two files are compared.  (If file1 is `-', the standard input is used.)  Under default
       options, cmp makes no comment if the files are the same; if they differ, it announces  the
       byte  and  line number at which the difference occurred.  If one file is an initial subse-
       quence of the other, that fact is noted.


       -l    Print the byte number (decimal) and the differing bytes (octal) for each difference.

       -s    Print nothing for differing files; return codes only.

       diff(1), comm(1)

       Exit code 0 is returned for identical files, 1 for different files, and 2 for an  inacces-
       sible or missing argument.

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