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CALENDAR(1)									      CALENDAR(1)

       calendar - reminder service

       calendar [ - ]

       Calendar  consults  the file `calendar' in the current directory and prints out lines that
       contain today's or tomorrow's date anywhere in the line.  Most reasonable month-day  dates
       such  as  `Dec.	7,'  `december	7,' `12/7,' etc., are recognized, but not `7 December' or
       `7/12'.	On weekends `tomorrow' extends through Monday.

       When an argument is present, calendar does its job for every user who has a  file  `calen-
       dar'  in his login directory and sends him any positive results by mail(1).  Normally this
       is done daily in the wee hours under control of cron(8).

       /usr/lib/calendar to figure out today's and tomorrow's dates
       egrep, sed, mail subprocesses

       at(1), cron(8), mail(1)

       Your calendar must be public information for you to get reminder service.
       Calendar's extended idea of `tomorrow' doesn't account for holidays.

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