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ddi_remove_minor_node(9f) [ultrix man page]

ddi_remove_minor_node(9F)				   Kernel Functions for Drivers 				 ddi_remove_minor_node(9F)

ddi_remove_minor_node - remove a minor node for this dev_info SYNOPSIS
void ddi_remove_minor_node(dev_info_t *dip, char *name); INTERFACE LEVEL
Solaris DDI specific (Solaris DDI). PARAMETERS
dip A pointer to the device's dev_info structure. name The name of this minor device. If name is NULL, then remove all minor data structures from this dev_info. DESCRIPTION
ddi_remove_minor_node() removes a data structure from the linked list of minor data structures that is pointed to by the dev_info structure for this driver. EXAMPLES
Example 1: Removing a minor node This will remove a data structure describing a minor device called dev1 which is linked into the dev_info structure pointed to by dip: ddi_remove_minor_node(dip, "dev1"); SEE ALSO
attach(9E), detach(9E), ddi_create_minor_node(9F) Writing Device Drivers SunOS 5.10 10 Mar 1992 ddi_remove_minor_node(9F)

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ddi_create_minor_node(9F)                                  Kernel Functions for Drivers                                  ddi_create_minor_node(9F)

ddi_create_minor_node - Create a minor node for this device SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/stat.h> #include <sys/sunddi.h> int ddi_create_minor_node(dev_info_t *dip, char *name, int spec_type, minor_t minor_num, char *node_type, int flag); INTERFACE LEVEL
Solaris DDI specific (Solaris DDI). PARAMETERS
dip A pointer to the device's dev_info structure. name The name of this particular minor device. spec_type S_IFCHR or S_IFBLK for character or block minor devices respectively. minor_num The minor number for this particular minor device. node_type Any string literal that uniquely identifies the type of node. The following predefined node types are provided with this release: DDI_NT_SERIAL For serial ports DDI_NT_SERIAL_MB For on board serial ports DDI_NT_SERIAL_DO For dial out ports DDI_NT_SERIAL_MB_DO For on board dial out ports DDI_NT_BLOCK For hard disks DDI_NT_BLOCK_CHAN For hard disks with channel or target numbers DDI_NT_CD For CDROM drives DDI_NT_CD_CHAN For CDROM drives with channel or target numbers DDI_NT_FD For floppy disks DDI_NT_TAPE For tape drives DDI_NT_NET For DLPI style 1 or style 2 network devices DDI_NT_DISPLAY For display devices DDI_PSEUDO For pseudo devices flag If the device is a clone device then this flag is set to CLONE_DEV else it is set to 0. DESCRIPTION
ddi_create_minor_node() provides the necessary information to enable the system to create the /dev and /devices hierarchies. The name is used to create the minor name of the block or character special file under the /devices hierarchy. At-sign (@), slash (/), and space are not allowed. The spec_type specifies whether this is a block or character device. The minor_num is the minor number for the device. The node_type is used to create the names in the /dev hierarchy that refers to the names in the /devices hierarchy. See disks(1M), ports(1M), tapes(1M), devlinks(1M). Finally flag determines if this is a clone device or not, and what device class the node belongs to. RETURN VALUES
ddi_create_minor_node() returns: DDI_SUCCESS Was able to allocate memory, create the minor data structure, and place it into the linked list of minor devices for this driver. DDI_FAILURE Minor node creation failed. CONTEXT
The ddi_create_minor_node() function can be called from user context. It is typically called from attach(9E) or ioctl(9E). EXAMPLES
Example 1: Create Data Structure Describing Minor Device with Minor Number of 0 The following example creates a data structure describing a minor device called foo which has a minor number of 0. It is of type DDI_NT_BLOCK (a block device) and it is not a clone device. ddi_create_minor_node(dip, "foo", S_IFBLK, 0, DDI_NT_BLOCK, 0); SEE ALSO
add_drv(1M), devlinks(1M), disks(1M), drvconfig(1M), ports(1M), tapes(1M), attach(9E), ddi_remove_minor_node(9F) Writing Device Drivers NOTES
If the driver is for a network device (node_type DDI_NT_NET), note that the driver name will undergo the driver name constraints identified in the NOTES section of dlpi(7P). Additionally, the minor name must match the driver name for a DLPI style 2 provider. If the driver is a DLPI style 1 provider, the minor name must also match the driver name with the exception that the ppa is appended to the minor name. Non-gld(7D)-based DLPI network streams drivers are encouraged to switch to gld(7D). Failing this, a driver that creates DLPI style-2 minor nodes must specify CLONE_DEV for its style-2 ddi_create_minor_node() nodes and use qassociate(9F). A driver that supports both style-1 and style-2 minor nodes should return DDI_FAILURE for DDI_INFO_DEVT2INSTANCE and DDI_INFO_DEVT2DEVINFO getinfo(9E) calls to style-2 minor nodes. (The correct association is already established by qassociate(9F)). A driver that only supports style-2 minor nodes can use ddi_no_info(9F) for its getinfo(9E) implementation. For drivers that do not follow these rules, the results of a modunload(1M) of the driver or a cfgadm(1M) remove of hardware controlled by the driver are undefined. WARNING
Drivers must remove references to GLOBAL_DEV, NODEBOUND_DEV, NODESPECIFIC_DEV, and ENUMERATED_DEV to compile under Solaris 10 and later versions. SunOS 5.10 14 Dec 2004 ddi_create_minor_node(9F)
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