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yppasswdd(8yp) [ultrix man page]

yppasswdd(8yp)															    yppasswdd(8yp)

       yppasswdd - server daemon for modifying the yellow pages (YP) password file

       /usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd file [ -m arg1 arg2 ...  ]

       The daemon is a server that handles password change requests from It changes a password entry in the specified file, which is assumed to be
       in the same format described in An entry in file will be changed only if the password presented by matches the encrypted password  of  that

       If  the	option is given, then after file is modified, a will be performed in Any arguments following the flag will be passed to The option
       should be set only at a YP master server machine.

       This server is not run by default, nor can it be started up from If it is desired to enable remote password updating for the yellow  pages,
       then an entry for should be put in the file of the host serving as the master for the yellow pages file.

       If the yellow pages password file is stored as then to have password changes propagated immediately, the server should be invoked as:
       /usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd /var/yp/src/passwd -m passwd DIR= /var/yp/src

See Also
       yppasswd(1yp), passwd(5yp), ypfiles(5yp), ypmake(8yp)


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ypsetup(8yp)															      ypsetup(8yp)

       ypsetup - set up the yellow pages (YP) environment


       A  local  area  network	must  be  set  up on your system before you can set up YP.  You must know your system's default YP domain name and
       whether your system will be a master server, slave server, or client.  If your system is to be the master server for  your  YP  domain,	be
       sure  no  other master has been established and be sure the files to be distributed are in the directory Note that the files to be distrib-
       uted should be modified from the original files by removing the root entry in the file.

       If your system is not to be the master server, be sure a master already exists for your YP domain.  Once you  know  this  information,  run
       with the system in multiuser mode and answer its questions.

       Once  YP  is installed on a machine, it cannot be used until the file is modified to contain YP entries on the desired database lines.  The
       command reminds a user to run or edit the file manually.

       Files that Start the YP daemons

       Clock daemon database file

       Commands pertinent to a specific system

       Default YP Map Files

       Group database

       Host name database

       Sendmail alias database

       Network group aliases

       Network name database

       Password file

       Protocol name database

       Rpc name database

       Service name database

See Also
       domainname(1yp), ypwhich(1yp), svc.conf(5), svcsetup(8), yppasswdd(8yp), ypserv(8yp), ypxfr(8yp)
       Guide to the Yellow Pages Service

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