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mountd(8nfs) [ultrix man page]

mountd(8nfs)															      mountd(8nfs)

       mountd - NFS mount request daemon

       /etc/mountd [-i] [-d] [-s]

       The daemon must be run on NFS servers to process NFS mount protocol requests.  It reads the file to determine which file systems and direc-
       tories are available to which machines and users, and makes this information available to the operating system.	The machine  names  listed
       in  the	file may optionally contain the local BIND domain name.  For more information on BIND, see the Guide to the BIND/Hesiod Service To
       see which clients have file systems or directories mounted, use the command.

       -d If you are running the BIND/Hesiod service, after checking the Internet address, will verify that the host requesting a mount or unmount
	  is in the server's domain.

       -i Turns  on  verification  of the Internet address of the client against the server's database for mounts and unmounts.  The default is no
	  address verification.

       -s If you are running the BIND/Hesiod service, after checking the Internet address, will verify that the host requesting a mount or unmount
	  is in the server's subdomain.

See Also
       exports(5nfs), mount(8nfs), nfsd(8nfs), showmount(8nfs)
       Guide to the BIND/Hesiod Service


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mountd(1M)																mountd(1M)

mountd - server for NFS mount requests and NFS access checks SYNOPSIS
/usr/lib/nfs/mountd [-v] [-r] mountd is an RPC server that answers requests for NFS access information and file system mount requests. It reads the file /etc/dfs/sharetab to determine which file systems are available for mounting by which remote machines. See sharetab(4). nfsd running on the local server will contact mountd the first time an NFS client tries to access the file system to determine whether the client should get read-write, read-only, or no access. This access can be dependent on the security mode used in the remoted procedure call from the client. See share_nfs(1M). The command also provides information as to what file systems are mounted by which clients. This information can be printed using the show- mount(1M) command. The mountd daemon is automatically invoked by share(1M). Only super user can run the mountd daemon. The options shown below are supported for NVSv2/v3 clients. They are not supported for Solaris NFSv4 clients. -r Reject mount requests from clients. Clients that have file systems mounted will not be affected. -v Run the command in verbose mode. Each time mountd determines what access a client should get, it will log the result to the con- sole, as well as how it got that result. /etc/dfs/sharetab shared file system table See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWnfssu | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ nfsd(1M), share(1M), share_nfs(1M), showmount(1M), nfs(4), sharetab(4), attributes(5) Since mountd must be running for nfsd to function properly, mountd is automatically started by the svc:/network/nfs/server service. See nfs(4). Some routines that compare hostnames use case-sensitive string comparisons; some do not. If an incoming request fails, verify that the case of the hostname in the file to be parsed matches the case of the hostname called for, and attempt the request again. 27 Apr 2005 mountd(1M)
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