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nrglbd(8ncs) [ultrix man page]

nrglbd(8ncs)															      nrglbd(8ncs)

       nrglbd - non-replicating global location broker (GBL) daemon

       /etc/ncs/nrglbd [ -version ]

       The  global location broker (GLB), enables clients to locate servers on a network or internet.  The GLB database stores the locations (that
       is, the network addresses and port numbers) where server processes are running.	The GLB maintains this database and provides access to it.

       The daemon should run as a background process.  It requires no options or arguments.  A Local Location Broker daemon ( ) must be running on
       the local host when is started.

       You can run only one on a network or internet.

       On ULTRIX systems, is typically started by a line in such as the following:
       /etc/ncs/nrglbd& echo -n ' nrglbd' > /dev/console

       -version  Display  the version of the Network Computing Kernel (NCK) that this belongs to but do not start the daemon.  (NCK is part of the
		 Network Computing System (NCS) on which DECrpc is based.)

       This section discusses the procedure to follow if the system running the is taken off-line.

       If you restart on the same system and no server on any other system changed state, all things should run as before.  If, however, an appli-
       cation tries to contact a server that is no longer running or which has different port numbers, the application will fail.  The application
       also will not see any new server registrations.

       If a copy of is not available, you must create an up to date version of the file before restarting To do so, use to query the for registra-
       tion data on every system running an DECrpcserver and then use to register all DECrpc servers with the GLB on the new host.  Then restart

See Also
       lb_admin(1ncs), llbd(8ncs)
       Guide to the Location Broker


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lb_unregister(3ncs)													       lb_unregister(3ncs)

       lb_unregister - remove an entry from the Location Broker database

       #include <idl/c/lb.h>

       void lb_$unregister(entry, status)
       lb_$entry_t *entry;
       status_$t *status;

       entry  The entry being removed from the Location Broker database.

       status The completion status.  If the completion status returned in is equal to status_$ok , then the routine that supplied it was success-

       The routine removes from the Location Broker database the entry that matches entry.  The  value	of  entry  should  be  identical  to  that
       returned  by  the routine when the database entry was created.  However, does not compare all of the fields in entry, the annotation field,
       and the port number in the saddr field.

       This routine removes the entry from the LLB database on the local host (the host that issues the routine).  If the flags field of entry	is
       equal  to  0,  it  removes  the entry from the GLB database.  If the flags field is equal to lb_$server_flag_local, it deletes only the LLB

       The following statement unregisters the entry specified by which was obtained from a previous routine:
       lb_$unregister (&BankEntry, &status);

       This section lists status codes for errors returned by this routine in

			   The format of the Location Broker database is out of date.  The database may have been created by an old version of the
			   Location  Broker;  in this case, delete the out-of-date database and reregister any entries that it contained.  The LLB
			   or GLB that was accessed may be running out-of-date software; in this case, update all Location Brokers to the  current
			   software version.

       lb_$database_busy   The Location Broker database is currently in use in an incompatible manner.

       lb_$not_registered  The	Location  Broker  does	not  have  any	entries  that match the criteria specified in the unregister routine.  The
			   requested object, type, interface, or combination thereof is not registered in the specified database.

       lb_$update_failed   The Location Broker was unable to register or unregister the entry.

       lb_$cant_access	   The Location Broker cannot access the database.  Among the possible reasons:

			   1. The database does not exist.

			   2. The database exists, but the Location Broker cannot access it.

			   The Location Broker Client Agent cannot reach the requested GLB or LLB.  A communications failure occurred or the  bro-
			   ker was not running.

See Also
       intro(3ncs), lb_register(3ncs)

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