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rwalld(8c) [ultrix man page]

rwalld(8c)																rwalld(8c)

       rwalld - network rwall server


       The  daemon  is	a server that handles requests.  It is implemented by calling to all the appropriate network machines.	The daemon is nor-
       mally invoked by

See Also
       wall(1), services(5), inetd(8c), shutdown(8)


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rwalld(1M)																rwalld(1M)

rwalld - network rwall server SYNOPSIS
is an RPC server that handles requests (see rwall(1)). calls to send a message to all users logged into the host on which is running (see wall(1)). invokes through (see inetd(1M)). Options recognizes the following options and command-line options: Log any errors to log_file. Errors are not logged if the option is not specified. Information logged to the log file includes date and time of the error, the host name, process ID and name of the function generating the error, and the error message. Note that different services can share a single log file because enough information is included to uniquely identify each error. Exit after serving each RPC request. Using the option, the security file can control access to RPC services. Exit only if: o dies (see portmap(1M)), o another registers with or o becomes unregistered with The option is more efficient because a new process is not launched for each RPC request. Note, this option is the default. AUTHOR
was developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. SEE ALSO
inetd(1M), portmap(1M), rwall(1M), wall(1M), inetd.conf(4), inetd.sec(4), services(4). rwalld(1M)
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