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inetd(8c) [ultrix man page]

inetd(8c)																 inetd(8c)

       inetd - internet service daemon

       /etc/inetd [ -d ] [ configfile ]

       The daemon is the listener daemon for most of the internet service functions.

       When is started, it reads the configuration file specified (configfile) and opens a socket for each specified service.

       When receives a connection on a stream socket or a packet on a datagram socket, then invokes the server specified in the configuration file
       to service the request.	The server is given a socket descriptor of 0 for the service requested.  The configfile is the configuration  file
       specifying  the services requiring the daemon's services.  If a configuration file is not specified, then uses the default file, The format
       of this file is described in The configuration file is reread whenever receives a hangup signal.

       -d Open all sockets with the debug option.  The socket will be passed to the server with debug enabled.

       The daemon can only handle a limited number of services at any one time.  This number is related to the maximum number of file  descriptors
       that a process can have.  If many services are needed, you should run multiple copies of each with its own individual configuration file.

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XTELLD(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 XTELLD(8)

xtelld - daemon receiving messages from xtell(1) clients SYNOPSIS
xtelld [options] DESCRIPTION
xtelld is daemon receiving messages from the xtell(1) client and displaying them to apropriate user. OPTIONS
--help Short help --alone Force server to run standalone --inetd Force server to act as service of inetd --version Print version information and exit. -sX Lifetime for spawned services (in seconds) ex: -s25 maintain connections for up to 25 seconds -mX Spawn no more than X children services at a time ex: -m15 service no more than 15 requests at once. Note: ignored if inetd service -pX Use port X, default: 4224 -n Do not lookup addresses, use IP numbers instead USAGE
Xtell daemon can run either from inetd(preferred) or from command line. If you decide to start it from inetd, add this line to /etc/ser- vices : xtell 4224/tcp # xtell server and this line to /etc/inetd.conf : xtell stream tcp nowait nobody.tty /usr/sbin/tcpd /usr/local/sbin/xtelld Notice that the entries are separated by tabs, not spaces. Restart inetd with killall -HUP inetd What to do if you are a normal user and want to run xtell daemon: You can't run it from inetd, obviously. Just start ./xtelld to use xtell on default port (4224). In this case, xtell can write messages only to you. If there is another user on that system willing to get messages, either s/he starts xtelld on another port (e.g. ./xtelld -p4225), or makes his/her tty writable by you (e.g. chmod a+rw /dev/tty* /dev/pts/*) AUTHOR
Radovan Garabik ( SEE ALSO
xtell(1), write(1), talk(1), talkd(8), tty(1) XTELLD(8)
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