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sizer(8) [ultrix man page]

sizer(8)						      System Manager's Manual							  sizer(8)

       sizer - a program that sizes system hardware

       /etc/sizer [ options ]

       The program reports various items of information about a kernel file and the running system.  It is also used to create a system configura-
       tion file in the doconfig command.

       -b   Create a boot command file for the current system disk.  The program creates the appropriate and command files in These files can then
	    be used to update the systems console media.  This only applies for VAX 8600, VAX 780, VAX 6200, and VAX 3400 cpus.  This also applies
	    for the VAX 750 and VAX 8200 only if the system disk is connected to an HSC.

       -c   Return the CPU type of the running cpu.

       -t timezone
	    Use timezone in the config file.

       -wt  Returns the workstation display type.

       -wu  Returns the workstation display units.

       -k image
	    Use the indicated kernel file instead of This is useful when the running system is not or you wish information about a system that	is
	    not running.

       -n filename
	    Creates  a	configuration  file.   The system must be running the kernel unless the option is used. The option creates a configuration
	    file in and also a file required for called

	    NOTE: The user should run to build a new kernel.

       -r   Return only the name of the root device and partition.

       -s   Return only the CPU subtype of the running cpu.  This only applies to VAX cpus. It returns following values for the following cpus:

	       Value	 CPU

	       11	 VAX8800
	       10	 VAX8700
		9	 VAX8550
		8	 VAX8500
		6	 VAX8300
		5	 VAX8200
		4	 VAXstation/MVAX 2000/3100
		3	 VAX60
		1	 MVAXII, VAX3x00, VAX62xx

       The value 0 is returned for all other cpu types.

See Also
       config(8), doconfig(8)
       ULTRIX Advanced Installation Guide


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config(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 config(8)

config - Builds system configuration files SYNOPSIS
/sys/conf/config [-k] [-p] [-q] system_name FLAGS
Creates a define variable 'KDEBUG' that can be used to conditionally compile source code for kernel debugging. Configure the system for profiling. You must have sources to use this flag. Concatenates and displays all the system configuration files, including any configura- tion files described in the /sys/conf/NAME.list file. DESCRIPTION
The doconfig command calls the config command to build a set of system configuration files from a file that describes the sort of system that is being configured. The config command also takes as input another file that tells it what files are needed to generate a system. This other file can be augmented by a configuration-specific set of files that name alternate files for a specific machine. Normally, you should run the doconfig program and not the config command. If you need to issue the config command, be sure to change your directory to the /sys/conf directory. As an argument to the config command, specify the name of a system configuration file containing device specifications, configuration options and other system parameters for that specific system configuration. The config command places all its output files in the directory The output of config consists of a number of files; each machine type has its own specific set of files. All machine types have a makefile which is used by make during the system build. Typically, there are also a set of header files which contain definitions of the number of various devices that will be compiled into the system, and a set of swap configuration files contain definitions for the disk areas to be used for swapping, the root file system, argument processing, and system dumps. After running config, you run make depend in the directory where the new makefile was created. If any other error messages are produced by config, the problems in the configuration file should be corrected and config should be run again. Attempts to compile a system that had configuration errors are likely to be unsuccessful. NOTES
The line numbers reported in error messages are usually off by one. FILES
List of common files used to build the system List of files specific to NAME, where NAME is the value specified for the ident option in the system configuration file Machine-independent portion of the makefile template used for building kernels from binaries Machine-independent portion of the makefile template used for building kernels from sources Machine-dependent portion of the makefile template List of machine- specific files Machine-specific name to major device mapping file RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: make(1), doconfig(8) System Administration delim off config(8)
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