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quotaon(8) [ultrix man page]

quotaon(8)						      System Manager's Manual							quotaon(8)

       quotaon, quotaoff - turn file system quotas on and off

       /etc/quotaon [ option ... ] [ filesystem ]

       /etc/quotaoff [ option ... ] [ filesystem ]

       The command informs the system that disc quotas should be enabled on one or more file systems.  Specified file systems must have entries in
       and be mounted.	Quota files must be present in the root directory of the specified file systems and be named quotas.  The quotas  file	is
       created with The quota file is updated by

       The  option  causes  to print a message for each file system whose quotas are enabled.  The argument may be used in stead of a list of file
       systems. It causes to enable quotas on all file systems in marked read-write.  This option is normally used at boot time to enable quotas.

       The command informs the system that disc quotas should be disabled on one or more file systems.	The option forces a  verbose  message  for
       each file system affected.  The option forces all file systems in to have their quotas disabled.

       File system table

See Also
       setquota(2), fstab(5), edquota(8)
       ``Disk Quotas in a UNIX Environment,'' ULTRIX Supplementary Documents, Volume 3: System Manager


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QUOTAON(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						QUOTAON(8)

quotaon, quotaoff -- turn filesystem quotas on and off SYNOPSIS
quotaon [-g] [-u] [-v] filesystem ... quotaon [-g] [-u] [-v] -a quotaoff [-g] [-u] [-v] filesystem ... quotaoff [-g] [-u] [-v] -a DESCRIPTION
quotaon announces to the system that disk quotas should be enabled on one or more filesystems. quotaoff announces to the system that the specified filesystems should have any disk quotas turned off. The filesystems specified must have entries in /etc/fstab and be mounted. quotaon expects each filesystem to have quota files named quota.user and which are located at the root of the associated file system. These defaults may be overridden in /etc/fstab. By default both user and group quotas are enabled. Available options: -a If the -a flag is supplied in place of any filesystem names, quotaon/quotaoff will enable/disable all the filesystems indicated in /etc/fstab to be read-write with disk quotas. By default only the types of quotas listed in /etc/fstab are enabled. -g Only group quotas listed in /etc/fstab should be enabled/disabled. -u Only user quotas listed in /etc/fstab should be enabled/disabled. -v Causes quotaon and quotaoff to print a message for each filesystem where quotas are turned on or off. Specifying both -g and -u is equivalent to the default. FILES
quota.user at the filesystem root with user quotas at the filesystem root with group quotas /etc/fstab filesystem table SEE ALSO
quota(1), libquota(3), fstab(5), edquota(8), quotacheck(8), repquota(8) HISTORY
The quotaon command appeared in 4.2BSD. BSD
December 11, 1993 BSD
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