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netsetup(8) [ultrix man page]

netsetup(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       netsetup(8)

       netsetup - network set up program

       /etc/netsetup [ install ]

       The command allows you to add your system to a local area network (LAN).  It also enables you to update the and files.

       To  add	your  system  to a LAN, bring the system to single-user mode.  Then run the command with the option and answer the questions.  The
       network manager should be able to provide you with the information that you need.  You will need to know your network number and your  host
       number.	 In  addition,	you  need to find out your Internet Protocol (IP) broadcast address and if the LAN uses all zeros (0) or ones (1).
       Furthermore, you have to know if the LAN uses subnet routing.  If the answer is yes, then you need to know how many bits of the	host  part
       of the Internet address are used to specify the subnet part of the network address.  If your LAN uses subnet routing, remember to enter the
       subnet number as part of the host number.  After the command has completed, reboot the system.

       To add or modify hosts in the or files, run the command without the option and answer all the questions.  There is no  need  to	bring  the
       system to single-user mode to update these files.

See Also
       Guide to Local Area Networks


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netconfig(8)						      System Manager's Manual						      netconfig(8)

netconfig - Launches the SysMan Menu to the Network Setup Wizard SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/netconfig /usr/sbin/sysman net_wizard DESCRIPTION
The Network Setup Wizard of the SysMan Menu can be used to configure and modify the configuration of a TCP/IP network on a Tru64 UNIX sys- tem. Use the Network Setup Wizard, netconfig, to do the following: Configure network interfaces, such as Ethernet, FDDI and Token Ring and existing ATM interfaces Enable and disable the following daemons: gated, joind, routed, and rwhod Configure the system as an IP router Add, modify, and delete entries in the following files: /etc/routes, /etc/gateways, etc/hosts, /etc/hosts.equiv, and /etc/networks Online help is available for the Network Management dialog boxes. To get help, click on any Help button. RESTRICTIONS
You must be root or have the appropriate privileges to run this application. FILES
Specifies the environment variables that define the netconfig configuration on your system Specifies Internet routing information Specifies the host name file Specifies the trusted hosts file Specifies the network name file Specifies Internet static routing information SEE ALSO
Commands: ifconfig(8), netsetup(8), rc.config(8), rcinet(8), sysman_menu(8) Files: gateways(4), hosts(4), hosts.equiv(4), networks(4), routes(4) Networking: network_manual_setup(7) netconfig(8)
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