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rmtab(5nfs) [ultrix man page]

rmtab(5nfs)															       rmtab(5nfs)

       rmtab - table of local file systems mounted by remote NFS clients

       The  file  resides  in  the directory and contains a list of all remote hosts that have mounted local file systems using the NFS protocols.
       Whenever a client performs a remote mount, the server machine's mount daemon makes an entry in the  server  machine's  file.   The  command
       instructs the server's mount daemon to remove the entry.  The -b command broadcasts to all servers and informs them that they should remove
       all entries from created by the sender of the broadcast message.  By placing a -b command in tables on NFS servers can be purged of entries
       made  by a crashed client, who, upon rebooting, did not remount the same file systems that it had before the system crashed.  The file is a
       series of lines of the form:

       Rather than rewrite the rmtab file on each request, the mount daemon comments out unmounted entries by placing a number	sign  (#)  in  the
       first  character  position of the appropriate line.  The mount daemon rewrites the entire file, without commented out entries, no more fre-
       quently than every 30 minutes.  The frequency depends on the occurrence of requests.

       This table is used only to preserve information between crashes and is read only by when it starts up.  The daemon keeps an in-core  table,
       which it uses to handle requests from programs like and

       Although the table is close to the truth, it may contain erroneous information if NFS client machines fail to execute -a when they reboot.

See Also
       mount(8nfs), umount(8nfs), mountd(8nfs), showmount(8nfs), shutdown(8)


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nfs(5nfs)																 nfs(5nfs)

       nfs - Network File System

       The Network File System (NFS) is a specific file system implemented under the Generic File System Interface, as described in

       NFS  provides  support  for sharing ordinary files and directories in a multivendor networking environment.  The system administrator for a
       file server machine makes a file system available for remote access by placing the name of the file system to be shared in an export  list.
       The  administrator for a client machine can import a file system from any server machine that has granted access permission to the request-
       ing client machine.  A complete exported file system or any subtree of an exported file system can be imported by the client machine.  Once
       imported, users on the client machine can access files in the remote file system as though they were local files.

See Also
       getdirentries(2), getmnt(2), mount(2nfs), mount(2), exports(5nfs), fstab(5), gfsi(5), mount(8nfs), showmount(8nfs)

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