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lang(5int)																lang(5int)

       lang - language names

       The  language  support databases used by are stored in the directory If either the language support databases are moved or you specify your
       own language support database, it is necessary to set the INTLINFO environment variable to the new location of these tables. The syntax	of
       this environment variable is identical to See the reference page for more information.

       Should  you  want to create your own database, use the reference  page and the Guide to Developing International Software as references for
       what information your database should contain.  After you create the database, you can specify it by using the international compiler,

       The following table defines the supplied settings of the LANG and LC_ environment variables.

       Database      Language	Territory	 Codeset       Use
       ENG_GB.MCS    English	United Kingdom	 DEC MCS       VT200 series
       FRE_FR.MCS    French	France
       GER_DE.MCS    German	Germany

       ENG_GB.8859   English	United Kingdom	 ISO Latin-1   VT300 series
       FRE_FR.8859   French	France
       GER_DE.8859   German	Germany

       ENG_GB.646    English	United Kingdom	 ISO 646       VT100 series
       FRE_FR.646    French	France
       GER_DE.646    German	Germany

       In addition to the default collation definition for the GER_DE.nnn language, Digital provides a character  collation  table  that  collates
       information  using  the	German telephone directory ordering of data. The following example shows how to set the variable to use this table
       with the ISO Latin-1 codeset:

See Also
       ic(1int), intro(3int), nl_langinfo(3int), setlocale(3int), environ(5int)
       Guide to Developing International Software


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intro(3int)															       intro(3int)

       intro - introduction to international subroutines

       The  internationalization package provides a convenient method of writing or converting applications so that they can operate in the appli-
       cation user's natural language.

       The package consists of the following:

       o      Tools for the creation and modification of message catalogs

       o      An international function library, which is called libi

       o      A set of international functions available in the C library, libc

       o      An international compiler that creates language support databases from special source files

       o      An announcement and initialization mechanism

       o      A utility for converting data from one codeset to another codeset

       When you use international library functions in a C program, compile it with the option to include libi, as shown:
       % cc -o prog prog.c -li
       Some of the international functions are available in the standard C library.  You need not compile with the option if you  use  only  those
       functions.  The functions that are available in the standard C library are and

		     Internationalization Library Calls
       catgetmsg     get  message  from  a  message catalog (provided for XPG-2
       catgets	     read a program message
       catopen	     open or close a message catalog
       nl_init	     set localization for internationalized  program  (provided
		     for XPG-2 compatibility)
       nl_langinfo   language information
       nl_printf     print formatted output (provided for XPG-2 compatibility)
       nl_scanf      convert formatted input (provided for XPG-2 compatibility)
       printf	     print formatted output
       scanf	     convert formatted input
       vprintf	     print formatted output of varargs argument list
		     Standard C Library Calls
       setlocale     set localization for internationalized program
       strftime      convert time and date to string
       strxfrm	     string transformation
       strcoll	     string collation comparison

   Header Files
       i_defs.h     contains language support database structure
       i_errno.h    contains error numbers and messages
       langinfo.h   contains  the langinfo definitions for the locale
       locale.h     contains the declarations used by the ANSI setlo-
		    cale and localeconv functions
       nl_types.h   contains the definitions for all the internation-
		    alization (libi) functions

See Also
       iconv(1), extract(1int), gencat(1int), ic(1int), strextract(1int), strmerge(1int), trans(1int), ctype(3), setlocale(3),	strcoll(3),  strf-
       time(3),  strxfrm(3), catgets(3int), catopen(3int), nl_langinfo(3int), printf(3int), scanf(3int), vprintf(3int), environ(5int), lang(5int),
       nl_types(5int), patterns(5int)
       Guide to Developing International Software

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