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state(5) [ultrix man page]

statmon(5)							File Formats Manual							statmon(5)

       statmon, current, backup, state - statd directory and file structures

       /etc/sm /etc/sm.bak /etc/state

       The  directories  and are generated by the daemon.  Each entry in represents the name of the system to be monitored by Each entry in repre-
       sents the name of the system to be notified by upon its recovery.

       The file is generated by to record its version number, that is, the number of times was invoked.  The version number  is  incremented  each
       time a crash or recovery takes place.

See Also
       statd(8c), lockd(8c)


Check Out this Related Man Page

rpc.statd(8)						      System Manager's Manual						      rpc.statd(8)

rpc.statd, statd - Network status monitor daemon SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/rpc.statd [-c] OPTIONS
Available only on TruCluster Server systems. This option starts the clusterwide network status daemon, which helps provide highly available NFS service. Do not use -c directly. Highly available NFS service is configured by default and typically does not require intervention. If you do need to start the clusterwide network status daemon, use the CAA command, caa_start cluster_lockd. For more information, see the TruCluster Server Administration manual. DESCRIPTION
The rpc.statd daemon monitors the status of the client and server sites in response to a request made by the local rpc.lockd daemon. When a site failure is detected, the rpc.statd daemon notifies the local rpc.lockd daemon, which then processes the recovery of the locked files or file regions. RESTRICTIONS
The crash of a site is only detected on its recovery. FILES
A directory created by the statd daemon. Each file name in the directory is the host name of a client or server that the statd daemon will notify upon its recovery. A backup directory created by the statd daemon. A file created by the statd daemon to store its state number. SEE ALSO
Daemons: rpc.lockd(8) Files: statmon(4) rpc.statd(8)
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