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netrc(5)							File Formats Manual							  netrc(5)

       netrc - file used by ftp auto-login procedure (.netrc)

       The  file  contains  frequently needed options for transfers.  The file resides in the owner's home directory on the machine from which the
       owner initiates the file transfer.  If the file includes passwords, set permissions on the file with so that only the owner has	read  per-

       The file uses the following format:

       o    Each line of the file defines options for a specific machine.

       o    A line in the file can be either a machine line or a default line.

       o    The default line must be the first line in the file if it is present.

       o    Fields in a default line appear in this order: default, default machine name.

       o    Fields in a machine line appear in this order: machine, machine name, options.

       o    Fields on each line are separated by spaces or tabs.

       The following are valid options for a machine line:

       Option	  Parameter	 Default      Description
       machine	  machine name	 none	      Identifies a remote
					      machine name
       login	  name		 local name   Identifies user on the
					      remote machine
       password   password	 none	      Password for remote
					      login name
       account	  password	 none	      Additional account password
       macdef	  macro name	 none	      Defines a macro like the
					      ftp macdef command

       This is an example of a file:
       machine cactus login smith
       machine login anonymous password anonymous
       machine login smith password ualonerwelcome
       macdef byenow

       macdef ls

       The first line allows to log Smith into the machine after prompting for and receiving Smith's password, as shown in this example:
       $ ftp cactus
       Connected to
       FTP server ready.
       Password required for SMITH.
       User logged in

       The second line of the file allows the user to perform an anonymous transfer after typing this command:
       $ ftp
       See for a description of anonymous FTP transfers.

       The  third  line allows Smith to log into the machine Smith will not be prompted for a password because this machine line includes password
       information.  Because the file includes password information, the file must not have read permission set for world and group.

       The lines are macro definitions, which operate much like shell aliases.	A blank line must follow each macro definition to signal  the  end
       of the macro.  The first macro definition defines as an alias for the command.

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NETRC(5)						      BSD File Formats Manual							  NETRC(5)

netrc -- user configuration for ftp SYNOPSIS
This file contains configuration and autologin information for the File Transfer Protocol client ftp(1). The .netrc file contains login and initialization information used by the auto-login process. It resides in the user's home directory. The following tokens are recognized; they may be separated by spaces, tabs, or new-lines: machine name Identify a remote machine name. The auto-login process searches the .netrc file for a machine token that matches the remote machine specified on the ftp command line or as an open command argument. Once a match is made, the subsequent .netrc tokens are processed, stopping when the end of file is reached or another machine or a default token is encountered. default This is the same as machine name except that default matches any name. There can be only one default token, and it must be after all machine tokens. This is normally used as: default login anonymous password user@site thereby giving the user automatic anonymous ftp login to machines not specified in .netrc. This can be overridden by using the -n flag to disable auto-login. login name Identify a user on the remote machine. If this token is present, the auto-login process will initiate a login using the specified name. password string Supply a password. If this token is present, the auto-login process will supply the specified string if the remote server requires a password as part of the login process. Note that if this token is present in the .netrc file for any user other than anonymous, ftp will abort the auto-login process if the .netrc is readable by anyone besides the user. account string Supply an additional account password. If this token is present, the auto-login process will supply the specified string if the remote server requires an additional account password, or the auto-login process will initiate an ACCT command if it does not. macdef name Define a macro. This token functions like the ftp macdef command functions. A macro is defined with the specified name; its con- tents begin with the next .netrc line and continue until a null line (consecutive new-line characters) is encountered. If a macro named init is defined, it is automatically executed as the last step in the auto-login process. SEE ALSO
ftp(1), ftpd(8) Linux NetKit (0.17) September 23, 1997 Linux NetKit (0.17)
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