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ts(4)							     Kernel Interfaces Manual							     ts(4)

       ts - TS11/TS05/TU80 magnetic tape interface

       controller zs0 at uba? csr 0172520 vector tsintr
       tape ts0 at zs0 drive 0

       The TS11 combination provides a standard tape drive interface as described in The TS11 operates only at 1600 bpi, and only one transport is
       possible per controller.

       ts%d: no write ring
       An attempt was made to write on the tape drive when no write ring was present.  This message is written on the terminal	of  the  user  who
       tried to access the tape.

       ts%d: not online
       An  attempt was made to access the tape while it was off line.  This message is written on the terminal of the user who tried to access the

       ts%d: hard error bn%d
       A hard error occurred on the tape at block bn.  Additional register information may be gathered from the system error log file,

See Also
       mtio(4), nbuf(4), MAKEDEV(8), uerf(8)


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tms(4)							     Kernel Interfaces Manual							    tms(4)

       tms - TMSCP magnetic tape interface

       For UNIBUS, Q-bus:
	  controller klesiu0 at uba0
	  controller uq0 at klesiu0 csr 0174500 vector uqintr
	  tape tms0 at uq0 drive 0

       For MSI Bus:
	  adapter msi0 at nexus?
	  controller dssc0 at msi0 msinode 0
	  tape tms0 at dssc0 drive 3

       For VAXBI:
	  controller klesib0 at vaxbi0 node 0
	  controller uq0 at klesib0 vector uqintr
	  tape tms0 at uq0 drive 0

	  controller aie0 at vaxbi? node?
	  controller bvpssp0 at aie0 vector bvpsspintr
	  tape tms0 at bvpssp0 drive 0

       For MSI Bus:
	  adapter msi0 at nexus?
	  controller dssc0 at msi0 msinode 0
	  tape tms0 at dssc0 drive 0

       For VAX CI/HSC:
	  adapter ci0 at nexus?
	  adapter ci0 at vaxbi? node?
	  controller hsc0 at ci0 cinode 6
	  tape tms0 at hsc0 drive 3

       Prior to Version 2.0, this device was referenced by tmscp(4).

       The  TMSCP  driver  provides  a standard tape drive interface, as described in This is a driver for any controller that adheres to the Tape
       Mass Storage Control Protocol (TMSCP).  The TMSCP controllers communicate with the host through a packet-oriented protocol termed the  Tape
       Mass  Storage  Control Protocol.  This driver also supports n-buffered reads and writes to the raw tape interface (used with streaming tape
       drives).  See for further details.

Tape Support
       TK50, TK70, TF70, TU81, TU81e, TA78, TA79, TA81, RV20, TA90, TA90E, TA91

       All diagnostic messages are sent to the error logger subsystem.

See Also
       mtio(4), nbuf(4), MAKEDEV(8), uerf(8), tapex(8)
       Guide to the Error Logger

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