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xwmgeometry(3x11) [ultrix man page]

XSetWMProperties(3X11)						     MIT X11R4						    XSetWMProperties(3X11)

       XSetWMProperties, XWMGeometry - window manager convenience functions

       void XSetWMProperties(display, w, window_name, icon_name, argv, argc, normal_hints, wm_hints, class_hints)
	  Display *display;
	  Window w;
	  XTextProperty *window_name;
	  XTextProperty *icon_name;
	  char **argv;
	  int argc;
	  XSize_hints *normal_hints;
	  XWMHints *wm_hints;
	  XClassHint *class_hints;

       int XWMGeometry(display, screen, user_geom, def_geom, bwidth, hints, x_return, y_return, width_return, height_return, gravity_return)
	  Display *display;
	  int screen;
	  char *user_geom;
	  char *def_geom;
	  unsigned int bwidth;
	  XSizeHints *hints;
	  int *x_return, *y_return;
	  int *width_return;
	  int *height_return;
	  int *gravity_return;

       argc	 Specifies the number of arguments.

       argv	 Specifies the application's argument list.

       bwidth	 Specifies the border width.

		 Specifies the structure to be used.

       def_geom  Specifies the application's default geometry or NULL.

       display	 Specifies the connection to the X server.

		 Returns the window gravity.

       hints	 Specifies the size hints for the window in its normal state.

       icon_name Specifies the icon name, which should be a null-terminated string.

		 Specifies the size hints for the window in its normal state.

       screen	 Specifies the screen.

       user_geom Specifies the user-specified geometry or NULL.

       y_return  Return the x and y offsets.

		 Return the width and height determined.

       w	 Specifies the window.

		 Specifies the window name, which should be a null-terminated string.

       wm_hints  Specifies the structure to be used.

       The convenience function provides a single programming interface for setting those essential window properties that are used for communi-
       cating with other clients (particularly window and session managers).

       If the window_name argument is non-null, calls which, in turn, sets the WM_NAME property.  If the icon_name argument is non-null, calls
       which sets the WM_ICON_NAME property.  If the argv argument is non-null, calls which sets the WM_COMMAND property.  Note that an argc of 0
       is allowed to indicate a zero-length command.  Note also that the hostname of this machine is stored using

       If the normal_hints argument is non-null, calls which sets the WM_NORMAL_HINTS property.  If the wm_hints argument is non-null, calls which
       sets the WM_HINTS property.

       If the class_hints argument is non-null, calls which sets the WM_CLASS property.  If the res_name member in the structure is set to the
       null pointer and the RESOURCE_NAME environment variable is set, then value of the environment variable is substituted for res_name.  If the
       res_name member is null, the environment variable is not set, and argv and argv[0] are set, then the value of argv[0], stripped of any
       directory prefixes, is substituted for res_name.

       can generate and errors.

       The function combines any geometry information (given in the format used by specified by the user and by the calling program with size
       hints (usually the ones to be stored in WM_NORMAL_HINTS) and returns the position, size, and gravity or that describe the window.  If the
       base size is not set in the structure, the minimum size is used if set.	Otherwise, a base size of 0 is assumed.  If no minimum size is set
       in the hints structure, the base size is used.  A mask (in the form returned by that describes which values came from the user specifica-
       tion and whether or not the position coordinates are relative to the right and bottom edges is returned (which will have already been
       accounted for in the x_return and y_return values).

       Note that invalid geometry specifications can cause a width or height of 0 to be returned.  The caller may pass the address of the hints
       win_gravity field as gravity_return to update the hints directly.

       WM_CLASS  Set by application programs to allow window and session managers to obtain the application's resources from the resource data-

		 The string name of the machine on which the client application is running.

		 The command and arguments, separated by ASCII nulls, used to invoke the application.

       WM_HINTS  Additional hints set by client for use by the window manager.	The C type of this property is

		 Name to be used in icon.

       WM_NAME	 Name of the application.

		 Size hints for a window in its normal state.  The C type of this property is

       The server failed to allocate the requested resource or server memory.

       A value for a Window argument does not name a defined Window.

See Also
       XAllocClassHint(3X11), XAllocIconSize(3X11), XAllocSizeHints(3X11), XAllocWMHints(3X11), XParseGeometry(3X11), XSetCommand(3X11), XSetTran-
       sientForHint(3X11), XSetTextProperty(3X11), XSetWMClientMachine(3X11), XSetWMColormapWindows(3X11), XSetWMIconName(3X11), XSetWMName(3X11),
       XSetWMProtocols(3X11), XStringListToTextProperty(3X11)
       X Window System: The Complete Reference, Second Edition, Robert W. Scheifler and James Gettys

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