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xsetnormalhints(3x11) [ultrix man page]

XSetNormalHints(3X11)													     XSetNormalHints(3X11)

       XSetNormalHints, XGetNormalHints - set or get normal state hints

       XSetNormalHints(display, w, hints)
	     Display *display;
	     Window w;
	     XSizeHints *hints;

       Status XGetNormalHints(display, w, hints_return)
	     Display *display;
	     Window w;
	     XSizeHints *hints_return;

       display	 Specifies the connection to the X server.

       hints	 Specifies a pointer to the size hints for the window in its normal state.

		 Returns the size hints for the window in its normal state.

       w	 Specifies the window.

       The function sets the size hints structure for the specified window.  Applications use to inform the window manager of the size or position
       desirable for that window.  In addition, an application that wants to move or resize itself should call and specify its new  desired  loca-
       tion  and  size	as  well  as  making direct Xlib calls to move or resize.  This is because window managers may ignore redirected configure
       requests, but they pay attention to property changes.

       To set size hints, an application not only must assign values to the appropriate members in the hints structure but also must set the flags
       member of the structure to indicate which information is present and where it came from.  A call to is meaningless, unless the flags member
       is set to indicate which members of the structure have been assigned values.

       can generate and errors.

       The function returns the size hints for a window in its normal state.  It returns a nonzero status if it succeeds or zero if  the  applica-
       tion specified no normal size hints for this window.

       can generate a error.


       The server failed to allocate the requested resource or server memory.

       A value for a Window argument does not name a defined Window.

See Also
       XSetCommand(3X11), XSetIconName(3X11), XSetIconSizeHints(3X11), XSetSizeHints(3X11), XSetStandardProperties(3X11), XSetWMHints(3X11), XSet-
       ZoomHints(3X11), XStoreName(3X11)
       Guide to the Xlib Library


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XGetNormalHints()														 XGetNormalHints()

  XGetNormalHints - get the size hints property of a window in normal state (not zoomed or iconified).

  Status XGetNormalHints(display, w, hints_return)
	Display *display;
	Window w;
	XSizeHints *hints_return;

  display   Specifies a connection to an X server; returned from XOpenDisplay().

  w	    Specifies the ID of the window to be queried.

	    Returns the sizing hints for the window in its normal state.

  Zero on failure, non-zero on success.

  XGetNormalHints()  has  been	superseded  by XGetWMNormalHints() as of Release 4, because new interclient communication conventions are now

  XGetNormalHints() returns the size hints for a window in its normal state by reading the XA_WM_NORMAL_HINTS  property.   This  function  is
  normally used only by a window manager.  It returns a non-zero Status if it succeeds, and zero if it fails (e.g., the application specified
  no normal size hints for this window.)

  For more information on using hints, see Volume One, Chapter 12, Interclient Communication.

     typedef struct {
	 long flags;   /* which fields in structure are defined */
	 int x, y;
	 int width, height;
	 int min_width, min_height;
	 int max_width, max_height;
	 int width_inc, height_inc;
	 struct {
	     int x;    /* numerator */
	     int y;    /* denominator */
	 } min_aspect, max_aspect;
     } XSizeHints;
     /* flags argument in size hints */
     #define USPosition   (1L << 0)    /* user specified x, y */
     #define USSize	  (1L << 1)    /* user specified width, height */

     #define PPosition	  (1L << 2)    /* program specified position */
     #define PSize	  (1L << 3)    /* program specified size */
     #define PMinSize	  (1L << 4)    /* program specified minimum size */
     #define PMaxSize	  (1L << 5)    /* program specified maximum size */
     #define PResizeInc   (1L << 6)    /* program specified resize increments */
     #define PAspect	  (1L << 7)    /* program specified min/max aspect ratios */
     #define PAllHints (PPosition PSize PMinSize PMaxSize PResizeInc PAspect)


See Also
  XFetchName(), XGetClassHint(), XGetIconName(), XGetIconSizes(), XGetSizeHints(),  XGetTransientForHint(),  XGetWMHints(),  XGetZoomHints(),
  XSetClassHint(), XSetCommand(), XSetIconName(), XSetIconSizes(), XSetNormalHints(), XSetSizeHints(), XSetTransientForHint(), XSetWMHints(),
  XSetZoomHints(), XStoreName().

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