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rrpc_shutdown(3ncs) [ultrix man page]

rrpc_shutdown(3ncs)													       rrpc_shutdown(3ncs)

       rrpc_shutdown - shut down a server

       #include <idl/c/rrpc.h>

       void rrpc_$shutdown(handle, status)
       handle_t handle;
       status_$t *status;

       handle A remote procedure call (RPC) handle.

       status The completion status.  If the completion status returned in is equal to status_$ok , then the routine that supplied it was success-

       The routine shuts down a server, if the server allows it.  A server can use the routine to allow or disallow remote shutdown.

       This section lists status codes for errors returned by this routine in

	      You send an request to a server that has not issued an call.

       On the client side, because of the way the calls are defined and implemented in the run-time library you  must  explicitly  call  into  the
       entry  point  vector  table  for  the  interface to send an request across the network. The following is an example of a call that works as
       (*rrpc_$client_epv.rrpc_$shutdown)(handle, &status);

       The server side stub routine calls the entry point on behalf of the client.  The results of the call are then passed back to the client.

       Before making the shutdown call, the server must have previously executed the following call:
       rpc_$allow_remote_shutdown((unsigned long) TRUE,NULL,&status);

       If the server has not allowed remote shutdown, the call returns an status code.

See Also
       intro(3ncs), rpc_allow_remote_shutdown(3ncs), rpc_shutdown(3ncs)


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rpc_clear_binding(3ncs) 												   rpc_clear_binding(3ncs)

       rpc_clear_binding - unset the binding of an RPC handle to a host and server (client only)

       #include <idl/c/rpc.h>

       void rpc_$clear_binding(handle, status)
       handle_t handle;
       status_$t *status;

       handle The RPC handle whose binding is being cleared.

       status The completion status.  If the completion status returned in is equal to status_$ok , then the routine that supplied it was success-

       The routine removes any association between an RPC handle and a particular server and host, but it does not remove the association  between
       the  handle and an object.  This routine saves the RPC handle so that it can be reused to access the same object, either by broadcasting or
       after resetting the binding to another server.

       A remote procedure call made using an unbound handle is broadcast to all Local Location Brokers (LLBs) on the local network.  If the call's
       interface  and  the  object  identified	by  the  handle are both registered with any LLB, that LLB forwards the request to the registering
       server.	The client RPC runtime library returns the first response that it  receives  and  binds  the  handle  to  the  first  server  that

       The routine is the inverse of the routine.

       Clear the binding represented in handle:
       rpc_$clear_binding (handle, &status);

       This section lists status codes for errors returned by this routine in

       rpc_$not_in_call    An internal error.

       rpc_$proto_error    An internal protocol error.

See Also
       intro(3ncs), rpc_bind(3ncs), rpc_clear_server_binding(3ncs), rpc_set_binding(3ncs)

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