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rpc_use_family(3ncs) [ultrix man page]

rpc_use_family(3ncs)													      rpc_use_family(3ncs)

       rpc_use_family - create a socket of a specified address family for a remote procedure call (RPC) server (server only)

       #include <idl/c/rpc.h>

       void rpc_$use_family(family, sockaddr, slength, status)
       unsigned long family;
       socket_$addr_t *sockaddr;
       unsigned long *slength;
       status_$t *status;

       family	      The address family of the socket to be created.  The value must be one of socket_$internet or socket_$unspec.

       sockaddr       The socket address of the socket on which the server will listen.

       slength	      The length, in bytes, of sockaddr.

       status	      The  completion status.  If the completion status returned in is equal to status_$ok , then the routine that supplied it was

       The routine creates a socket for a server without specifying its port number.  The RPC runtime software assigns a port number.  If a server
       must listen on a particular well-known port, use to create the socket.

       A  server listens on one socket per address family, regardless of how many interfaces that it exports.  Therefore, servers should make this
       call once per supported address family.

       The following statement creates a server's socket:
       rpc_$use_family (family, &saddr, &slen, &status);

       This section lists status codes for errors returned by this routine in

			   The RPC runtime library was unable to create a socket.

       rpc_$not_in_call    An internal error.

       rpc_$proto_error    An internal protocol error.

			   The server is trying to use more than the maximum number of sockets that is allowed; it has called or too many times.

       rpc_$addr_in_use    The address and port specified in an routine are already in use.  This is caused by multiple calls  to  with  the  same
			   well-known port.

See Also
       intro(3ncs), rpc_use_family_wk(3ncs)


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socket_to_name(3ncs)													      socket_to_name(3ncs)

       socket_to_name - convert a socket address to a name and port number

       #include <idl/c/socket.h>

       void socket_$to_name(sockaddr, slength, name, nlength, port, status)
       socket_$addr_t *sockaddr;
       unsigned long slength;
       socket_$string_t name;
       unsigned long *nlength;
       unsigned long *port;
       status_$t *status;

       sockaddr 	   A socket address.  The socket address is the structure returned by either or

       slength		   The length, in bytes, of sockaddr.

       name		   A  string in the format family:host[port], where family is the address family and host is the host name; host may be in
			   the standard numeric form (for example, # if a textual host name cannot be obtained.  Currently, only  ip	is
			   supported for family.

       nlength		   On input, the maximum length, in bytes, of the name to be returned.	On output, the actual length of the name returned.

       port		   The port number.

       status		   The	completion status. If the completion status returned in is equal to status_$ok , then the routine that supplied it
			   was successful.

       The routine converts a socket address to a textual address family, host name, and port number.

See Also
       intro(3ncs), socket_family_to_name(3ncs), socket_from_name(3ncs), socket_to_numeric_name(3ncs)

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