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dwtworkboxcreate(3dwt) [ultrix man page]

DwtWorkBox(3Dwt)														  DwtWorkBox(3Dwt)

       DwtWorkBox, DwtWorkBoxCreate - Creates a work-in-progress box widget for the application to display work in progress messages.

       Widget DwtWorkBox(parent_widget, name, default_position,
			 x, y, style, label, cancel_label,
			 callback, help_callback)
	    Widget parent_widget;
	    char *name;
	    Boolean default_position;
	    Position x, y;
	    int style;
	    DwtCompString label, cancel_label;
	    DwtCallbackPtr callback, help_callback;

       Widget DwtWorkBoxCreate (parent_widget, name,
				override_arglist, override_argcount)
	    Widget parent_widget;
	    char *name;
	    ArgList override_arglist;
	    int override_argcount;

		 Specifies the parent widget ID.

       name	 Specifies the name of the created widget.

		 Specifies  a  boolean	value  that,  when True, causes DwtNx and DwtNy to be ignored and forces the default widget position.  The
		 default widget position is centered in the parent window.  If False, the specified DwtNx and DwtNy attributes are used  to  posi-
		 tion the widget.  This argument sets the DwtNdefaultPosition attribute associated with DwtDialogBoxCreate.

       x	 Specifies  the  placement, in pixels, of the left side of the widget window relative to the inner upper left corner of the parent
		 window.  This argument sets the DwtNx core widget attribute.

       y	 Specifies, in pixels, the placement of the upper left corner of the widget window relative to the inner upper left corner of  the
		 parent window.  This argument sets the DwtNy core widget attribute.

       style	 Specifies  the  style of the dialog box widget.  You can pass DwtModal (modal) or DwtModeless (modeless).  This argument sets the
		 DwtNstyle attribute associated with DwtDialogBoxPopupCreate.

       label	 Specifies the text in the message line or lines.  This argument sets the DwtNlabel attribute associated with DwtWorkBoxCreate.

		 Specifies the label for the Cancel push button.  If the label is a NULL string, the button is not displayed.  This argument  sets
		 the DwtNcancelLabel attribute associated with DwtWorkBoxCreate.

       callback  Specifies the callback function or functions called back when the Cancel button is activated.	This argument sets the DwtNcancel-
		 Callback attribute associated with DwtWorkBoxCreate.

		 Specifies the callback function or functions called when a help request is made.  This argument sets the DwtNhelpCallback  common
		 widget attribute.

		 Specifies the application override argument list.

		 Specifies the number of attributes in the application override argument list (override_arglist).

       The  DwtWorkBox	and  DwtWorkBoxCreate  functions  create an instance of a work-in-progress box widget and return its associated widget ID.
       When calling DwtWorkBox, you set the work-in-progress box widget attributes presented in the formal parameter list.  For  DwtWorkBoxCreate,
       however,  you  specify  a  list	of attribute name/value pairs that represent all the possible work-in-progress box widget attributes.  The
       work-in-progress box widget is a dialog box that allows the application to display work in progress messages to the user.  When the  appli-
       cation  determines  that an operation will take longer than five seconds, it is recommended that the application call this function to dis-
       play a work-in-progress box with a message such as ``Work in Progress./Please Wait.''  The work-in-progress box may contain a  push  button
       labeled	``Cancel Operation.''  Do not include the push button if the operation cannot be canceled.  If the style is DwtModal when the user
       selects the Cancel push button, the widget is cleared from the screen, but not destroyed.  The widget can be redisplayed by calling  XtMan-

Inherited Attributes
       Attribute Name		   Data Type	    Default
       Core Attributes

       DwtNx			   Position	    Determined by the geome-
						    try manager
       DwtNy			   Position	    Determined by the geome-
						    try manager
       DwtNwidth		   Dimension	    5 pixels
       DwtNheight		   Dimension	    5 pixels
       DwtNborderWidth		   Dimension	    One pixel
       DwtNborder		   Pixel	    Default foreground color
       DwtNborderPixmap 	   Pixmap	    NULL
       DwtNbackground		   Pixel	    Default background color
       DwtNbackgroundPixmap	   Pixmap	    NULL
       DwtNcolormap		   Colormap	    Default color map
       DwtNsensitive		   Boolean	    True
       DwtNancestorSensitive	   Boolean	    The  bitwise  AND of the
						    parent widget's DwtNsen-
						    sitive   and  DwtNances-
						    torSensitive attributes
       DwtNaccelerators 	   XtTranslations   NULL
       DwtNdepth		   int		    Depth of the parent win-
       DwtNtranslations 	   XtTranslations   NULL
       DwtNmappedWhenManaged	   Boolean	    True
       DwtNscreen		   Screen *	    The parent screen
       DwtNdestroyCallback	   DwtCallbackPtr   NULL

       Dialog Pop-Up Attributes

       DwtNforeground		   Pixel	    Default foreground color
       DwtNhighlight		   Pixel	    Default foreground color
       DwtNhighlightPixmap	   Pixmap	    NULL
       DwtNuserData		   Opaque *	    NULL
       DwtNfont 		   DwtFontList	    The  default XUI Toolkit
       DwtNhelpCallback 	   DwtCallbackPtr   NULL
       DwtNdirectionRToL	   NOT SUPPORTED
       DwtNunits		   NOT SUPPORTED
       DwtNtitle		   DwtCompString    Widget name
       DwtNstyle		   unsigned char    DwtModal
       DwtNmapCallback		   DwtCallbackPtr   NULL
       DwtNunmapCallback	   DwtCallbackPtr   NULL
       DwtNfocusCallback	   DwtCallbackPtr   NULL
       DwtNtextMergeTranslations   NOT SUPPORTED
       DwtNmarginWidth		   Dimension	    12 pixels
       DwtNmarginHeight 	   Dimension	    10 pixels
       DwtNdefaultPosition	   Boolean	    False
       DwtNchildOverlap 	   NOT SUPPORTED
       DwtNresize		   unsigned char    DwtResizeShrinkWrap
       DwtNtakeFocus		   Boolean	    True  for  modal  dialog
						    False  for modeless dia-
						    log box
       DwtNnoResize		   Boolean	    True (that is, no window
						    manager resize button)

       DwtNautoUnmanage 	   Boolean	    True
       DwtNdefaultButton	   NOT SUPPORTED
       DwtNcancelButton 	   NOT SUPPORTED

Widget-Specific Attributes
       Attribute Name	    Data Type	     Default
       DwtNlabel	    DwtCompString    Widget name
       DwtNcancelLabel	    DwtCompString    "Cancel"
       DwtNcancelCallback   DwtCallbackPtr   NULL

       DwtNlabel      Specifies the text in the message line or lines.

		      Specifies the label for the Cancel push button.  If the label is a NULL string, the button is not displayed.

		      Specifies  the callback function or functions called when the user clicks on the Cancel button.  For this callback, the rea-
		      son is DwtCRCancel.

Return Values
       These functions return the ID of the created widget.

Callback Information
       The following structure is returned to your callback:
       typedef struct {
			 int reason;
			 XEvent *event;
       } DwtAnyCallbackStruct;
       The reason member is set to a constant that represents the reason why this callback was invoked.  For this callback, the reason member  can
       be set to:

       DwtCRCancel	    The  user  activated  the
			    cancel push button.

       DwtCRFocus	    The work-in-progress  box
			    has  received  the	input

       DwtCRHelpRequested   The  user  selected  Help
			    somewhere in the work-in-
			    progress box.

       The event member is a pointer to the Xlib structure XEvent, which describes the event that generated this callback.  This  structure  is  a
       union of the individual structures declared for each event type.  For information on XEvent and event processing, see the Guide to the Xlib
       Library: C Language Binding.

See Also
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit: C Language Binding
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit Intrinsics: C Language Binding

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