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dwtstextsetmaxlength(3dwt) [ultrix man page]

DwtSTextSetMaxLength(3Dwt)												DwtSTextSetMaxLength(3Dwt)

       DwtSTextSetMaxLength - Sets the maximum allowable length of the text string in the simple text widget.

       void DwtSTextSetMaxLength(widget, max_length)
	    Widget widget;
	    int max_length;

       widget	 Specifies the ID of the simple text widget whose maximum text string length you want to set.

		 Specifies  the maximum length of the text string in the simple text widget.  This argument sets the DwtNmaxLength attribute asso-
		 ciated with DwtSTextCreate.

       The DwtSTextSetMaxLength function sets the maximum allowable length of the text in the simple text widget and prevents the user from enter-
       ing text larger than this limit.

See Also
       DwtSText(3Dwt),  DwtSTextGetString(3Dwt),  DwtSTextSetEditable(3Dwt), DwtSTextGetMaxLength(3Dwt), DwtSTextSetSelection(3Dwt), DwtS-
       TextClearSelection(3Dwt), DwtSTextGetSelection(3Dwt)
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit: C Language Binding
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit Intrinsics: C Language Binding


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DwtSTextGetString(3Dwt) 												   DwtSTextGetString(3Dwt)

       DwtSTextGetString - Retrieves the text string from the simple text widget.

       char  *DwtSTextGetString(widget)
	    Widget widget;

       widget	 Specifies the ID of the simple text widget

       The  DwtSTextGetString  function  returns a pointer to the current string in the simple text widget window.  The application is responsible
       for freeing the storage associated with the string by calling XtFree.

Return Values
       This function returns the pointer to the string currently displayed in the given text widget window.

See Also
       DwtSTextSetString(3Dwt), DwtSTextReplace(3Dwt), DwtSTextGetEditable(3Dwt), DwtSTextSetEditable(3Dwt), DwtSTextGetMaxLength(3Dwt), Dwt-
       STextSetMaxLength(3Dwt), DwtSTextSetSelection(3Dwt), DwtSTextClearSelection(3Dwt), DwtSTextGetSelection(3Dwt)
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit: C Language Binding
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit Intrinsics: C Language Binding

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