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dwtstextseteditable(3dwt) [ultrix man page]

DwtSTextSetEditable(3Dwt)												 DwtSTextSetEditable(3Dwt)

       DwtSTextSetEditable - Sets the permission state that determines whether the user can edit text in the simple text widget.

       void DwtSTextSetEditable(widget, editable)
	    Widget widget;
	    Boolean editable;

       widget	 Specifies the ID of the simple text widget whose edit permission state you want to set.

       editable  Specifies a boolean value that, when True, indicates that the user can edit the text string in the simple text widget.  If False,
		 prohibits the user from editing the text string.

       The DwtSTextSetEditable function sets the edit permission state information concerning whether the user can edit text in  the  simple  text

See Also
       DwtSText(3Dwt),  DwtSTextGetString(3Dwt),  DwtSTextGetMaxLength(3Dwt), DwtSTextSetMaxLength(3Dwt), DwtSTextSetSelection(3Dwt), DwtS-
       TextClearSelection(3Dwt), DwtSTextGetSelection(3Dwt)
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit: C Language Binding
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit Intrinsics: C Language Binding

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