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dwtpullentrygadgetcreate(3dwt) [ultrix man page]

DwtPullEntryGadgetCreate(3Dwt)											    DwtPullEntryGadgetCreate(3Dwt)

       DwtPullEntryGadgetCreate - Creates a pull-down menu entry gadget.

       Widget DwtPullEntryGadgetCreate (parent_widget, name,
	    Widget parent_widget;
	    char *name;
	    ArgList override_arglist;
	    int override_argcount;

		 Specifies the parent widget ID.

       name	 Specifies the name of the created widget.

		 Specifies the application override argument list.

		 Specifies the number of attributes in the application override argument list (override_arglist).

       The DwtPullEntryGadgetCreate function creates an instance of the pull-down menu entry gadget and returns its associated gadget ID.

       A  pull-down menu entry gadget is similar in appearance and semantics to a pull-down menu entry widget.	Like all gadgets, it does not have
       a window but uses the window of the closest antecedent widget.  This gadget must be a child of a menu class widget.

       Because a pull-down menu entry gadget is not a subclass of composite, children are not supported.

       The sizing of the gadget is affected by the font and the label.

Inherited Attributes
       Attribute Name	       Data Type	Default
       Rectangle Attributes

       DwtNx		       Position 	Determined   by
						the    geometry
       DwtNy		       Position 	Determined   by
						the    geometry
       DwtNwidth	       Dimension	The	  label
						width, plus the
						hotspot  width,
						plus   2  times
       DwtNheight	       Dimension	The text  label
						or pixmap label
						height	plus  2
						times	  DwtN-
       DwtNborderWidth	       Dimension	Zero pixels
       DwtNsensitive	       Boolean		True

       DwtNancestorSensitive   Boolean		The bitwise AND
						of  the  parent
						and  DwtNances-

       Label	      Gadget

       DwtNlabel	       DwtCompString	Widget name
       DwtNalignment	       unsigned char	DwtAlignment-
       DwtNdirectionRToL       Boolean		False
       DwtNhelpCallback        DwtCallbackPtr	NULL

Widget-Specific Attributes
       Attribute Name	      Data Type        Default
       DwtNsubMenuId	      Widget	       NULL
       DwtNactivateCallback   DwtCallbackPtr   NULL
       DwtNpullingCallback    DwtCallbackPtr   NULL

       DwtNsubMenuId  Specifies the widget ID of the submenu that will be displayed when the pull-down menu is activated.

		      Specifies the callback that is executed when the user releases a button inside the pull-down menu widget.   For  this  call-
		      back, the reason is DwtCRActivate.

		      Specifies  the  callback	function  or  functions  called just prior to pulling down the submenu.  This callback occurs just
		      before the submenu's map callback.  You can use this callback to defer the creation of the submenu.  For this callback,  the
		      reason is DwtCRActivate.

Return Values
       This function returns the ID of the created widget.

Callback Information
       The following structure is returned to your callback:
       typedef struct {
			   int reason;
			   XEvent *event;
       } DwtAnyCallbackStruct;

       The  reason member is set to a constant that represents the reason why this callback was invoked.  For this callback, the reason member can
       be set to:

       DwtCRActivate	    The  user  selected   the
			    pull-down menu entry.

       DwtCRHelpRequested   The user selected Help.

       The  event  member  is a pointer to the Xlib structure XEvent, which describes the event that generated this callback.  This structure is a
       union of the individual structures declared for each event type.  For information on XEvent and event processing, see the Guide to the Xlib
       Library: C Language Binding.

See Also
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit: C Language Binding
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit Intrinsics: C Language Binding

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