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dwtinitgetsegment(3dwt) [ultrix man page]

DwtInitGetSegment(3Dwt) 												   DwtInitGetSegment(3Dwt)

       DwtInitGetSegment - Returns the initialized context of the compound-string.

       int DwtInitGetSegment(context, compound_string)
	    DwtCompStringContext *context;
	    DwtCompString compound_string;

       context	 Specifies a context to be filled by this function.  You should have previously allocated this context.

		 Specifies the compound-string.

       The  DwtInitGetSegment  function  returns the initialized context associated with the compound-string you specified (compound_string).  You
       must use this returned context in a call to DwtGetNextSegment.

       Note that the performance of DwtInitGetSegment (used in conjunction with DwtGetNextSegment to fetch  multiple  segments	from  a  compound-
       string) has degraded from Version 1.0 of the toolkit.

       A  new  function,  DwtStringInitContext, not only provides better performance, it also creates the context structure that you must allocate
       separately when using DwtInitGetSegment.  To improve performance, convert calls from DwtInitGetSegment  to  DwtStringInitContext,  and  use
       DwtStringFreeContext to free the context structure when you are finished with it.

Return Values
       This function returns one of these status return constants:

       DwtSuccess	 Normal completion.
       DwtEndCS 	 The  string  specified in
			 compound_string is NULL.
       DwtFail		 The string  specified	in
			 compound_string  is not a

See Also
       DwtGetNextSegment(3Dwt), DwtStringFreeContext(3Dwt), DwtStringInitContext(3Dwt)
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit: C Language Binding
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit Intrinsics: C Language Binding


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DwtCSTextGetSelection(3Dwt)											       DwtCSTextGetSelection(3Dwt)

       DwtCSTextGetSelection - Retrieves the global selection, if any, currently highlighted, in the compound string text widget.

	    DwtCompString DwtCSTextGetSelection(widget)
	    Widget widget;

       widget	 Specifies the ID of the compound-string text widget.

       The  DwtCSTextGetSelection  function  retrieves the text currently highlighted (selected) in the compound string text widget.  It returns a
       NULL pointer if no text is selected in the widget.  The application is responsible for freeing the storage  associated  with  the  text	by
       calling XtFree.

Return Values
       This function returns a pointer to the selected compound string text.

See Also
       DwtCSText(3Dwt),  DwtCSTextCreate(3Dwt), DwtCSTextReplace(3Dwt), DwtCSTextGetString(3Dwt), DwtCSTextSetString(3Dwt), DwtCSTextGetEd-
       itable(3Dwt), DwtCSTextSetEditable(3Dwt), DwtCSTextGetMaxLength(3Dwt), DwtCSTextSetMaxLength(3Dwt), DwtCSTextSetSelection(3Dwt),
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit: C Language Binding
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit Intrinsics: C Language Binding

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