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dwtcstextreplace(3dwt) [ultrix man page]

DwtCSTextReplace(3Dwt)													    DwtCSTextReplace(3Dwt)

       DwtCSTextReplace - Replaces a portion of the current text in the compound-string text widget or inserts some new text into the current text
       of the compound-string text widget.

       void DwtCSTextReplace(widget, from_pos, to_pos, value)
	    Widget widget;
	    int from_pos, to_pos;
	    DwtCompString value;

       widget	 Specifies the ID of the compound-string text widget.

       from_pos  Specifies the first character position of the compound-string text being replaced.

       to_pos	 Specifies the last character position of the compound-string text being replaced.

       value	 Specifies the text to replace part of the current text in the compound-string text widget.

       The DwtCSTextReplace function replaces part of the text in the compound-string text widget.  Within  the  widget,  positions  are  numbered
       starting  at  0 and increasing sequentially.  For example, to replace the second and third characters in the text, from_pos should be 1 and
       to_pos should be 3.  To insert text after the fourth character, from_pos and to_pos should both be 4.

See Also
       DwtCSText(3Dwt), DwtCSTextCreate(3Dwt), DwtCSTextSetString(3Dwt),  DwtCSTextGetEditable(3Dwt),  DwtCSTextSetEditable(3Dwt),  DwtCS-
       TextGetMaxLength(3Dwt), DwtCSTextSetMaxLength(3Dwt), DwtCSTextSetSelection(3Dwt), DwtCSTextGetSelection(3Dwt)
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit: C Language Binding
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit Intrinsics: C Language Binding


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DwtCSTextGetSelection(3Dwt)											       DwtCSTextGetSelection(3Dwt)

       DwtCSTextGetSelection - Retrieves the global selection, if any, currently highlighted, in the compound string text widget.

	    DwtCompString DwtCSTextGetSelection(widget)
	    Widget widget;

       widget	 Specifies the ID of the compound-string text widget.

       The  DwtCSTextGetSelection  function  retrieves the text currently highlighted (selected) in the compound string text widget.  It returns a
       NULL pointer if no text is selected in the widget.  The application is responsible for freeing the storage  associated  with  the  text	by
       calling XtFree.

Return Values
       This function returns a pointer to the selected compound string text.

See Also
       DwtCSText(3Dwt),  DwtCSTextCreate(3Dwt), DwtCSTextReplace(3Dwt), DwtCSTextGetString(3Dwt), DwtCSTextSetString(3Dwt), DwtCSTextGetEd-
       itable(3Dwt), DwtCSTextSetEditable(3Dwt), DwtCSTextGetMaxLength(3Dwt), DwtCSTextSetMaxLength(3Dwt), DwtCSTextSetSelection(3Dwt),
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit: C Language Binding
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit Intrinsics: C Language Binding

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