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dwtcolormixsetnewcolor(3dwt) [ultrix man page]

DwtColorMixSetNewColor(3Dwt)											      DwtColorMixSetNewColor(3Dwt)

       DwtColorMixSetNewColor - Sets the new red, green, and blue color values in the color mixing widget.

       void DwtColorMixSetNewColor(cmw, red, green, blue)
	    Widget cmw;
	    unsigned short red;
	    unsigned short green;
	    unsigned short blue;

       cmw	 Specifies the widget ID of the color mixing widget.

       red	 Specifies the new color red value.  You can express the value in percentages or by the X color values (0 to 65535).

       green	 Specifies the new color green value.  You can express the value in percentages or by the X color values (0 to 65535).

       blue	 Specifies the new color blue value.  You can express the value in percentages or by the X color values (0 to 65535).

		 See  the  section on colormap functions in the Guide to the Xlib Library: C Language Binding for more information on X color val-

       The DwtColorMixSetNewColor function allows the user-supplied color mixer subwidget to pass the current color values  to	the  color  mixing
       widget.	Using DwtColorMixSetNewColor is more efficient than using XtSetValues.

See Also
       DwtColorMixGetNewColor(3Dwt), DwtColorMixCreate(3Dwt)
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit: C Language Binding
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit Intrinsics: C Language Binding


Check Out this Related Man Page

DXmColorMixGetNewColor(3X)												DXmColorMixGetNewColor(3X)

DXmColorMixGetNewColor - Retrieves (returns) the color mixing widget's current new color red, green, and blue values. SYNOPSIS
void DXmColorMixGetNewColor( DXmColorMixWidget cmw, unsigned short *red, unsigned short *green, unsigned short *blue ); PARAMETERS
The widget identifier of the color mixing widget. A pointer to the returned new color red value. A pointer to the returned new color green value. A pointer to the returned new color blue value. A complete list of all the X color values available to you is located on your system. To find it, type the following command: % find / -name '*rgb*' -print DESCRIPTION
DXmColorMixGetNewColor allows the calling application or routine to quickly obtain the current color value from the color mixing widget. Note that if your application uses the default color mixing subwidget, the application will perform this operation faster if you call this routine instead of the Intrinsic routine XtGetValues. SEE ALSO
DXmColorMixSetNewColor(3X), DXmCreateColorMix(3X), DXmCreateColorMixDialog(3X) DXmColorMixGetNewColor(3X)
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