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dwtclipboardregisterformat(3dwt) [ultrix man page]

DwtClipboardRegisterFormat(3Dwt)										  DwtClipboardRegisterFormat(3Dwt)

       DwtClipboardRegisterFormat - Registers the length of the data for formats not specified by ICCCM conventions.

       int DwtClipboardRegisterFormat(display, format_name,
	    Display *display;
	    char * format_name;
	    unsigned long format_length;

       display	 Specifies  a pointer to the Display structure that was returned in a previous call to XOpenDisplay.  For information on XOpenDis-
		 play and the Display structure, see the Guide to the Xlib Library: C Language Binding.

		 Specifies a name string for the format.  See the table of Data Format Names for the formats defined by ICCCM conventions.

		 Specifies the format length in bits: 8, 16, or 32.

       The DwtClipboardRegisterFormat function allows an application to register the data length for formats not specified by  the  ICCCM  conven-
       tions.	Failure  to  register the length of the data results in applications being incompatible across platforms that have different byte-
       swapping orders.

       The following table lists the formats defined by the conventions:

       Format Name	    Format Length   Description
       TARGETS		    32		    List of valid target atoms
       MULTIPLE 	    32		    Look in  the  ConvertSelec-
					    tion property
       TIMESTAMP	    32		    Timestamping     used    to
					    acquire selection
       STRING		    8		    ISO Latin 1  (+TAB+NEWLINE)
       TEXT		    8		    Text in owner's encoding
       LIST_LENGTH	    32		    Number of disjoint parts of
       PIXMAP		    32		    Pixmap ID
       DRAWABLE 	    32		    Drawable ID
       BITMAP		    32		    Bitmap ID
       FOREGROUND	    32		    Pixel value
       BACKGROUND	    32		    Pixel value
       COLORMAP 	    32		    Colormap ID
       ODIF		    8		    ISO Office Document  Inter-
					    change Format
       OWNER_OS 	    8		    Operating system of owner
       FILE_NAME	    8		    Full path name of a file
       HOST_NAME	    8		    See WM_CLIENT_MACHINE
       CHARACTER_POSITION   32		    Start  and end of selection
					    in bytes
       LINE_NUMBER	    32		    Start and end line numbers
       COLUMN_NUMBER	    32
       LENGTH		    32		    Number of bytes  in  selec-
       USER		    8		    Name of user running owner
       PROCEDURE	    8		    Name of selected procedure
       MODULE		    8		    Name of selected module
       PROCESS		    32 or 8	    Process ID of owner

       TASK		    32 or 8	    Task ID of owner
       CLASS		    8		    Class of owner-See WM_CLASS
       NAME		    8		    Name of owner-See WM_NAME
       CLIENT_WINDOW	    32		    Top-level window of owner

       For  information  on  the  built-in selection property names WM_CLIENT_MACHINE, WM_CLASS, and WM_NAME, see the Guide to the Xlib Library: C
       Language Binding.

Return Values
       This function returns one of these status return constants:

       ClipboardSuccess     The function is  success-
       ClipboardLocked	    The    function    failed
			    because the clipboard was
			    locked  by another appli-
			    cation.  The  application
			    can  continue to call the
			    function  with  the  same
			    parameters	  until   the
			    clipboard  is   unlocked.
			    Optionally,  the applica-
			    tion can ask if the  user
			    wants  to  keep trying or
			    to give up on the  opera-
       ClipboardBadFormat   The    function    failed
			    because  the  format_name
			    or	  format_length   was
			    inappropriate.   A	 NULL
			    format_name   or  a  for-
			    mat_length other than  8,
			    16,  or  32, for example,
			    would be inappropriate.
       ClipboardFail	    The    function    failed
			    because  the  application
			    tried to redefine a  pre-
			    defined  format.  See the
			    table  of	Data   Format
			    Names  for the predefined

See Also
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit: C Language Binding
       Guide to the XUI Toolkit Intrinsics: C Language Binding

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