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wrefresh(3cur) [ultrix man page]

refresh(3cur)															     refresh(3cur)

       refresh, wrefresh - refresh window

       #include <cursesX.h>

       int refresh()

       int wrefresh(win)
       WINDOW *win;

       The  routine copies the named window to the physical terminal screen, taking into account what is already there in order to optimize cursor

       The routine does the same, using as a default screen.

       These routines must be called to get any output on the terminal, as other routines only manipulate data structures.

       Unless has been enabled, the physical cursor of the terminal is left at the location of the window's cursor.  The routine is a macro.

Return Values
       The and functions return OK on success and ERR on error.

See Also


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prefresh(3cur)															    prefresh(3cur)

       prefresh, pnoutrefresh - refresh pad

       #include <cursesX.h>

       int prefresh(pad, pminrow, pmincol, sminrow, smincol, smaxrow, smaxcol)
       WINDOW *pad;
       int pminrow, pmincol, sminrow, smincol, smaxrow, smaxcol;

       int pnoutrefresh(pad, pminrow, pmincol, sminrow, smincol, smaxrow, smaxcol)
       WINDOW *pad;
       int pminrow, pmincol, sminrow, smincol, smaxrow, smaxcol;

       The routine copies the specified pad to the physical terminal screen.  It takes account of what is already displayed on the screen to opti-
       mize cursor movement.

       The routine copies the named pad to the virtual screen.	It then compares the virtual screen with the  physical	screen	and  performs  the
       actual update.

       These routines are analogous to the routines and except that pads, instead of windows, are involved.  Additional parameters are also needed
       to indicate what part of the pad and screen are involved.  The upper left corner of the part of the pad to be displayed is specified by and
       The co-ordinates and specify the edges of the screen rectangle that will contain the selected part of the pad.

       The  lower right corner of the pad rectangle to be displayed is calculated from the screen co-ordinates.  This ensures that the screen rec-
       tangle and the pad rectangle are the same size.

       Both rectangles must be entirely contained within their respective structures.

Return Values
       The and functions return OK on success and ERR on error.

See Also
       wnoutrefresh(3cur), wrefresh(3cur)

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