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keypad(3cur) [ultrix man page]

keypad(3cur)															      keypad(3cur)

       keypad - enable keypad

       #include <cursesX.h>

       int keypad(win, bf)
       WINDOW *win;
       bool bf;

       This  option  enables  the  keypad  of  the user's terminal.  If the keypad is enabled, pressing a function key (such as an arrow key) will
       return a single value representing the function key.  For example, pressing the	left  arrow  key  results  in  the  value  KEY_LEFT  being
       returned..  For more information see the Guide to X/Open Curses Screen-Handling.  (R)

       The  routine  is  used  to  return  the character.  If the keypad is disabled, does not treat function keys as special keys and the program
       interprets the escape sequences itself.	Keypad layout is terminal dependent; some terminals do not even have a keypad.

Return Values
       The function returns OK on success and ERR on error.

See Also
       Guide to X/Open Curses Screen-Handling


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getch(3cur)															       getch(3cur)

       getch, mvgetch, mvwgetch, wgetch - read character

       #include <cursesX.h>

       int getch()

       int wgetch(win)
       WINDOW *win;

       int mvgetch(y, x)
       int y, x;

       int mvwgetch(win, y, x)
       WINDOW *win;
       int y, x;

       The routine reads a character from the terminal associated with the default window.

       The routine reads a character from the terminal associated with the specified window.

       The routine reads a character from the terminal associated with the default window at the specified position.

       The routine reads a character from the terminal associated with the specified window at the specified position.

       The  following information applies to all the routines.	In mode, if there is no input waiting, the integer is returned.  In mode, the pro-
       gram waits until the system passes text through to the program.	Usually the program will restart after one character or  after	the  first
       newline, but this depends on how is set.  The character will be echoed on the designated window unless has been set.

       If is and a function key is pressed, the token for that function key is returned instead of the raw characters.	Possible function keys are
       defined in the header file with integers beginning with 0401.  The function key names begin with KEY_.  Function keys and their	respective
       integer values are described in the Guide to X/Open Curses Screen-Handling (R)

       If  a character is received that could be the beginning of a function key (such as escape), sets a timer.  If the remainder of the sequence
       does not come within the designated time, the character will be passed through, otherwise the  function	key  value  is	returned.   Conse-
       quently, there may be a delay after a user presses the escape key before the escape is returned to the program.

       Using the escape key for a single character function is discouraged.

       The routines and are macros.

Return Values
       Upon successful completion, the and functions return the character read.

       If in delay mode and no data is available, ERR is returned.

See Also
       cbreak(3cur), keypad(3cur), nodelay(3cur), noecho(3cur)
       Guide to X/Open Curses Screen-Handling

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