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isnan(3)						     Library Functions Manual							  isnan(3)

       isnan - test for NaN

       #include <math.h>

       int isnan (x)
       double x;

       The  function  returns 1 if x is NaN (the IEEE floating point reserved not-a-number value) and zero otherwise.  On VAX, the return value is
       always zero.


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isnan(3M)																 isnan(3M)

isnan() - floating-point test for NaN SYNOPSIS
floating-type DESCRIPTION
The macro determines whether its argument is a NaN. The argument must be of floating type. For HP Integrity servers, the argument can be any floating type. For PA-RISC, the argument must be either or The macro implements the functionality recommended by the IEEE-754 standard for floating-point arithmetic. The macro replaces the and functions, which are obsolete and are no longer supported. USAGE
To use the macro, compile either with the default option or with the and options. Make sure your program includes Link in the math library by specifying on the compiler or linker command line. RETURN VALUE
The macro returns a nonzero value if and only if its argument has a NaN value. The macro raises no floating-point exceptions. ERRORS
No errors are defined. EXAMPLES
Take certain actions if is not a NaN: SEE ALSO
fpclassify(3M), isfinite(3M), isinf(3M), isnormal(3M), signbit(3M), math(5). STANDARDS CONFORMANCE
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