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getwd(3)						     Library Functions Manual							  getwd(3)

       getwd - get current working directory pathname

       char *getwd(pathname)
       char *pathname;

       The subroutine copies the absolute pathname of the current working directory to pathname and returns a pointer to the result.

       The subroutine may fail to return to the current directory if an error occurs.

       Pathnames can be no longer than MAXPATHLEN as defined in <sys/param.h>.

Return Values
       The subroutine returns zero and places a message in pathname if an error occurs.


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getwd(3)						     Library Functions Manual							  getwd(3)

getwd - Gets current directory pathname LIBRARY
Standard C Library (, libc.a) SYNOPSIS
#include <unistd.h> char *getwd( char *path_name); STANDARDS
Interfaces documented on this reference page conform to industry standards as follows: getwd(): XPG4-UNIX Refer to the standards(5) reference page for more information about industry standards and associated tags. PARAMETERS
Points to the full pathname. DESCRIPTION
The getwd() function determines the absolute pathname of the current directory, then copies that pathname into the array pointed to by the path_name parameter. The maximum pathname length, in characters, is set by the PATH_MAX definition, as specified in the limits.h file. If the length of the pathname of the current directory is greater than (PATH_MAX + 1), including the null byte, getwd() fails and returns a null pointer. RETURN VALUES
Upon successful completion, a pointer to the absolute pathname of the current directory is returned. If an error occurs, the getwd() func- tion returns a null pointer. and places a message in the path_name parameter. RELATED INFORMATION
Functions: getcwd(3) Standards: standards(5) delim off getwd(3)
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