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exportfs(2nfs) [ultrix man page]

exportfs(2nfs)															    exportfs(2nfs)

       exportfs - exports an NFS file system

       #include <sys/mount.h>
       exportfs(name, rootuid, exflags)
       char *name;
       int rootuid, exflags;

       The  system  call  allows the specified local file system to be mounted remotely by an NFS client.  This system call is usually called from
       Security on the exported file systems can be improved by setting the root mapped user ID, rootuid, and two mount structure  flags,  exflags
       for the local file system, name.

       The name argument is a pointer to a null-terminated string containing the path name of the file system being exported.

       The rootuid argument is used to set the user ID that root maps to.  By default, root maps to user id -2.

       The  exflags argument contains the flags that are to be set in the mount structure corresponding to name.  The following flags are the only
       possible flags accepted by
       #define M_NOFH	       0x1000	       /* no fhandle flag */
       #define M_EXRONLY       0x2000	       /* export read-only */

       Setting the M_NOFH flag does not allow access to the fhandle of the file system's root gnode.  The M_EXRONLY flag exports a filesystem read

       The system call returns a value of 0 upon successful completion of a operation, and -1 upon failure.

       [EPERM]	      Not superuser.

       [EIO]	      Not enough memory in the system to service the request.

       [EFAULT]       Bad address or bad length of name.

       [ENOENT]       The name cannot be found.

See Also
       exports(5nfs), mountd(8nfs)


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nfs(5nfs)																 nfs(5nfs)

       nfs - Network File System

       The Network File System (NFS) is a specific file system implemented under the Generic File System Interface, as described in

       NFS  provides  support  for sharing ordinary files and directories in a multivendor networking environment.  The system administrator for a
       file server machine makes a file system available for remote access by placing the name of the file system to be shared in an export  list.
       The  administrator for a client machine can import a file system from any server machine that has granted access permission to the request-
       ing client machine.  A complete exported file system or any subtree of an exported file system can be imported by the client machine.  Once
       imported, users on the client machine can access files in the remote file system as though they were local files.

See Also
       getdirentries(2), getmnt(2), mount(2nfs), mount(2), exports(5nfs), fstab(5), gfsi(5), mount(8nfs), showmount(8nfs)

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