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stcode(1ncs) [ultrix man page]

stcode(1ncs)															      stcode(1ncs)

       stcode - translate a hexadecimal status code value to a textual message

       stcode hex_stat_code

       The  command  prints the textual message associated with a hexadecimal status code.  This command is useful when a program produces a hexa-
       decimal status code instead of a textual message.

       The command processes predefined status codes.  No provision is currently made to add user-defined status codes to the error text database.

       Translate the hexadecimal status code 1c010003:
       # stcode 1c010003
       unknown interface (network computing system/RPC runtime)


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rpc_unregister(3ncs)													      rpc_unregister(3ncs)

       rpc_unregister - unregister an interface (server only)

       #include <idl/c/rpc.h>

       void rpc_$unregister(ifspec, status)
       rpc_$if_spec_t *ifspec;
       status_$t *status;

       ifspec		   An  rpc_$if_spec_t.	 An  interface specifier obtained from a previous RPC register call.  The interface being unregis-

       status		   The completion status.  If the completion status returned in is equal to status_$ok , then the routine that supplied it
			   was successful.

       The  routine  unregisters  an interface that the server previously registered with the RPC runtime library.  After an interface is unregis-
       tered, the RPC runtime library will not pass requests for that interface to the server.

       If a server uses several or routines to register an interface more than once, then it must call an equal number of times to unregister  the

       The following statement unregisters a matrix arithmetic interface:
       rpc_$unregister (&matrix_$if_spec, &status);

       This section lists status codes for errors returned by this routine in

       rpc_$op_rng_error   The requested operation does not correspond to a valid operation in the requested interface.

       rpc_$unk_if	   The	requested interface is not known.  It is not registered in the server, the version number of the registered inter-
			   face is different from the version number specified in the request, or the UUID in the request does not match the  UUID
			   of the registered interface.

       rpc_$not_in_call    An internal error.

       rpc_$proto_error    An internal protocol error.

See Also
       intro(3ncs), rpc_register(3ncs), rpc_register_mgr(3ncs), rpc_register_object(3ncs)

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