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next(1mh)																 next(1mh)

       next - show the next message

       next [ +foldername ] [ -[no]header ] [ -help ] [ -showproc program ] [ -noshowproc ] [ options to ]

       The  command  displays  the  next message in the current folder.  The next message is the one after the current message in the folder.  The
       message that is shown becomes the current message.

       If you name a folder using the +folder argument, displays the next message in the folder you specify.   That  folder  becomes  the  current

       -noheader Displays  a  one-line	header before the message.  The header consists of the name of the folder and the message number.  This is
		 the default behavior.	It can be suppressed with the -noheader option.

       -help	 Prints a list of the valid options to this command.

       -showproc program [ options ]
		 Specifies an alternative program to list messages.  The default is to use the program defined by the showproc: entry in the file.
		 As with you can give options to the program at the command line.  These are passed directly to by

       The defaults for this command are:

	      +folder defaults to the current folder

       The  command  is  really  a  link  to  the program.  As a result, if you make a link to and that link is not called your link will act like
       instead.  To avoid this, add a profile-entry for the link to your and add the argument to the entry.

Profile Components
       Path:	   To determine the user's Mail directory
       showproc:   Program to show the message

       The user profile.

See Also
       show(1mh), prev(1mh), mh_profile(5mh)


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mhpath(1mh)															       mhpath(1mh)

       mhpath - print full pathnames of MH messages and folders

       mhpath [ +foldername ] [ msgs ] [ -help ]

       Use the command to display the full pathname of the specified folder.  If you do not specify a folder, displays the pathname of the current

       If you specify a message with its message number, displays the pathname of the specified message.  You can also specify a  number  of  mes-
       sages,  or  a range of messages.  If the top of the range that you specify is greater than the last message in the folder, displays as much
       of the specified range as possible.

       Additionally can take a keyword or a sequence name.  The following keywords are acceptable:

       first	 The first message in the folder.

       last	 The last message in the folder.

       new	 The message after the last message in the folder.  You cannot use new as part of a message range.

       cur	 The current message in the folder.

       prev	 The message before the current message.

       next	 The message after the current message.

       all	 All of the messages in the folder.

       -help	 Prints a list of the valid options to this command.

       In the following example, displays message 3 in the folder
       % mhpath +inbox 3

       The following example displays the pathname of messages 2 to 5 in the current folder:
       % mhpath 2-5

Profile Components
       Path:   To determine your Mail directory

       The user profile.

See Also

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