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write(1)						      General Commands Manual							  write(1)

       write - write message to another user

       write user [ttyname]

       The command copies lines from your terminal to that of another user.  When first called, it sends the message
       Message from yoursystem!yourname yourttyname...

       The recipient of the message should write back at this point.  Communication continues until an end of file is read from the terminal or an
       interrupt is sent.  At that point writes `EOT' on the other terminal and exits.

       If you want to write to a user who is logged in more than once, the ttyname argument may be used to indicate the appropriate terminal name.

       Permission to write may be denied or granted by use of the mesg command.  At the outset writing is allowed.  Certain commands, in  particu-
       lar and disallow messages in order to prevent messy output.

       If the character `!' is found at the beginning of a line, calls the shell to execute the rest of the line as a command.

       The  following  protocol  is  suggested for using when you first write to another user, wait for him to write back before starting to send.
       Each party should end each message with a distinctive signal. The letter `o' is the convention for `over' which indicates that the  message
       is complete.  The letters `oo' are the convention for `over and out' which is used when the conversation is about to be terminated.

       /etc/utmp to find user
       /bin/sh	      to execute `!'

See Also
       mail(1), mesg(1), who(1)


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WRITE(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						  WRITE(1)

write -- send a message to another user SYNOPSIS
write user [ttyname] DESCRIPTION
The write utility allows you to communicate with other users, by copying lines from your terminal to theirs. When you run the write command, the user you are writing to gets a message of the form: Message from yourname@yourhost on yourtty at hh:mm ... Any further lines you enter will be copied to the specified user's terminal. If the other user wants to reply, they must run write as well. When you are done, type an end-of-file or interrupt character. The other user will see the message 'EOF' indicating that the conversation is over. You can prevent people (other than the super-user) from writing to you with the mesg(1) command. If the user you want to write to is logged in on more than one terminal, you can specify which terminal to write to by specifying the termi- nal name as the second operand to the write command. Alternatively, you can let write select one of the terminals - it will pick the one with the shortest idle time. This is so that if the user is logged in at work and also dialed up from home, the message will go to the right place. The traditional protocol for writing to someone is that the string '-o', either at the end of a line or on a line by itself, means that it's the other person's turn to talk. The string 'oo' means that the person believes the conversation to be over. SEE ALSO
mesg(1), talk(1), wall(1), who(1) HISTORY
A write command appeared in Version 1 AT&T UNIX. BSD
June 6, 1993 BSD
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