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true(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   true(1)

       true, false - provide test for status values


       The  and  commands  are	usually  used in a Bourne shell script.  They test for the appropriate status "true" or "false" before running (or
       failing to run) a list of commands.

       while true
	    command list

       The command has exit status zero.

See Also
       csh(1), sh(1)


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GearmanClient::jobStatus - Get the status of a background job

       Object oriented style (method):

public array GearmanClient::jobStatus (string $job_handle) DESCRIPTION
Gets the status for a background job given a job handle. The status information will specify whether the job is known, whether the job is currently running, and the percentage completion. PARAMETERS
o $job_handle - The job handle assigned by the Gearman server RETURN VALUES
An array containing status information for the job corresponding to the supplied job handle. The first array element is a boolean indicat- ing whether the job is even known, the second is a boolean indicating whether the job is still running, and the third and fourth elements correspond to the numerator and denominator of the fractional completion percentage, respectively. EXAMPLES
Example #1 Monitor the status of a long running background job <?php /* create our object */ $gmclient= new GearmanClient(); /* add the default server */ $gmclient->addServer(); /* run reverse client */ $job_handle = $gmclient->doBackground("reverse", "this is a test"); if ($gmclient->returnCode() != GEARMAN_SUCCESS) { echo "bad return code "; exit; } $done = false; do { sleep(3); $stat = $gmclient->jobStatus($job_handle); if (!$stat[0]) // the job is known so it is not done $done = true; echo "Running: " . ($stat[1] ? "true" : "false") . ", numerator: " . $stat[2] . ", denomintor: " . $stat[3] . " "; } while(!$done); echo "done! "; ?> The above example will output something similar to: Running: true, numerator: 3, denomintor: 14 Running: true, numerator: 6, denomintor: 14 Running: true, numerator: 9, denomintor: 14 Running: true, numerator: 12, denomintor: 14 Running: false, numerator: 0, denomintor: 0 done! SEE ALSO
GearmanClient::doStatus. PHP Documentation Group GEARMAN_JOB_STATUS(3)
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