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sccsdiff(1) [ultrix man page]

sccsdiff(1)						      General Commands Manual						       sccsdiff(1)

       sccsdiff - compare and display SCCS delta differences

       sccsdiff -rSID1 -rSID2 [-p] [-sn] files

       The  command  compares  two versions of an SCCS file and generates the differences between the two versions.  You can specify any number of
       SCCS files, but arguments apply to all files.

       -p	 Displays output using command.

       -rSID?	 Indicates deltas to be prepared.  Versions are passed to in the order given.

       -sn	 Sets number of lines each segment is to contain.  This is useful when fails due to a high system load.

       ``file: No differences''
       If the two versions are the same.  Use for explanations.

       temporary files

See Also
       bdiff(1), cmp(1), comm(1), diff(1), diff3(1), diffmk(1), get(1), prs(1), sccs(1), sccshelp(1)
       Guide to the Source Code Control System


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sccsdiff(1)						      General Commands Manual						       sccsdiff(1)

sccsdiff - Compares two versions of a Source Code Control System (SCCS) file SYNOPSIS
sccsdiff -rSID1 -rSID2 [-p] [-snumber] file... The sccsdiff command reads two versions of an SCCS file, compares them, and writes to standard output the differences between the two ver- sions. OPTIONS
Pipes the output through pr. Specifies SID1 as one delta of the SCCS file for sccsdiff to compare. Specifies SID2 as the other delta of the SCCS file for sccsdiff to compare. Specifies the file segment size for bdiff to pass to diff. DESCRIPTION
Any number of SCCS files can be specified, but the same arguments apply to all files. EXAMPLES
To display the difference between versions 1.1 and 1.2 of SCCS file s.test.c, enter: sccsdiff -r1.1 -r1.2 s.test.c SEE ALSO
Commands: admin(1), bdiff(1), cdc(1), comb(1), delta(1), diff(1), get(1), pr(1), prs(1), rmdel(1), sact(1), sccs(1), sccshelp(1), unget(1), val(1), what(1) Files: sccsfile(4) Programming Support Tools sccsdiff(1)
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