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mv(1)							      General Commands Manual							     mv(1)

       mv - move or rename files

       mv [-i] [-f] [-] file1 file2

       mv [-i] [-f] [-] file... directory

       The command moves (changes the name of) file1 to file2.

       If  file2  already  exists,  it is removed before file1 is moved.  If file2 has a mode which forbids writing, prints the mode and reads the
       standard input to obtain a line.  If the line begins with y, the move takes place.  If it does not, exits.  For further information, see

       In the second form, one or more files (plain files or directories) are moved to the directory with their original file-names.

       The command refuses to move a file onto itself.

       -		   Interprets all following arguments as file names to allow file names starting with a minus.

       -f		   Force. This option overrides any mode restrictions or the -i switch.

       -i		   Interactive mode.  If a move is to supersede an existing file, the system prompts youw with the name of the	file  fol-
			   lowed  by  a question mark.	If you type a string that begins with y, the move occurs.  If you type any other response,
			   the move does not occur.

       If file1 and file2 lie on different file systems, must copy the file and delete the original.  In this case the owner name becomes that	of
       the copying process and any linking relationship with other files is lost.

See Also
       cp(1), ln(1)


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diff3(1)						      General Commands Manual							  diff3(1)

       diff3 - 3-way differential file comparison

       diff3 [-ex3] file1 file2 file3

       The command compares three versions of a file, and publishes the ranges of text that disagree, flagged with the following codes:

	  ====	      all three files differ

	  ====1       file1 is different

	  ====2       file2 is different

	  ====3       file3 is different

       The type of change needed to convert a given range of a given file to some other is indicated in one of these ways:

	  f : n1 a    Text is to be appended after line number n1 in file f, where f = 1, 2, or 3.

	  f : n1 , n2 c
		      Text is to be changed in the range line n1 to line n2.  If n1 = n2, the range may be abbreviated to n1.

       The original contents of the range follows immediately after a c indication.  When the contents of two files are identical, the contents of
       the lower-numbered file is suppressed.

       -3   Produces an editor script containing the changes between file1 and file2 that are to be incorporated into file3.

       -e	   Produces an editor script containing the changes between file2 and file3 that are to be incorporated into file1.

       -x	   Produces an editor script containing the changes among all three files.

       Under the -e option, publishes a script for the editor that incorporates into file1 all changes between file2 and  file3  -  that  is,  the
       changes	that would normally be flagged ==== and ====3.	Option -x (-3) produces a script to incorporate only changes flagged ==== (====3).
       The following command applies the resulting script to `file1':
       (cat script; echo '1,$p') | ed - file1

       Text lines that consist of a single `.'	defeat -e.


See Also
       cmp(1), comm(1), diff(1), dffmk(1), join(1), sccsdiff(1), uniq(1)

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