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hostid(1) [ultrix man page]

hostid(1)						      General Commands Manual							 hostid(1)

       hostid - set or print identifier of current host system

       hostid [identifier]

       The  command prints the identifier of the current host in hexadecimal.  This numeric value is expected to be unique across all hosts and is
       normally set to the host's Internet address.  The super-user can set the hostid by giving a hexadecimal argument.  This is usually done	in
       the startup script

See Also
       gethostid(2), sethostid(2)


Check Out this Related Man Page

GETHOSTID(2)						     Linux Programmer's Manual						      GETHOSTID(2)

gethostid, sethostid - get or set the unique identifier of the current host SYNOPSIS
#include <unistd.h> long gethostid(void); int sethostid(long hostid); DESCRIPTION
Get or set a unique 32-bit identifier for the current machine. The 32-bit identifier is intended to be unique among all UNIX systems in existence. This normally resembles the Internet address for the local machine, as returned by gethostbyname(3), and thus usually never needs to be set. The sethostid call is restricted to the superuser. The hostid argument is stored in the file /etc/hostid. RETURN VALUE
gethostid returns the 32-bit identifier for the current host as set by sethostid(2). CONFORMING TO
4.2BSD. These functions were dropped in 4.4BSD. POSIX.1 does not define these functions, but ISO/IEC 9945-1:1990 mentions them in B.4.4.1. SVr4 includes gethostid but not sethostid. FILES
/etc/hostid SEE ALSO
hostid(1), gethostbyname(3) Linux 0.99.13 1993-11-29 GETHOSTID(2)
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