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eyacc(1) [ultrix man page]

eyacc(1)						      General Commands Manual							  eyacc(1)

       eyacc - modified yacc allowing much improved error recovery

       eyacc [-v] [grammar]

       The  command  is an old version of which produces tables used by the Pascal system and its error recovery routines.  The command fully enu-
       merates test actions in its parser when an error token is in the look-ahead set.  This prevents the parser from making  undesirable  reduc-
       tions when an error occurs before the error is detected.  The table format is different in than it was in the old as minor changes had been
       made for efficiency reasons.

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yacc(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   yacc(1)

       yacc - yet another compiler-compiler

       yacc [-vd] grammar

       The command converts a context-free grammar into a set of tables for a simple automaton which executes an left recursive parsing algorithm.
       The grammar may be ambiguous; specified precedence rules are used to break ambiguities.

       The output file, must be compiled by the C compiler to produce a program yyparse.  This program must be loaded with  the  lexical  analyzer
       program,  yylex, as well as main and yyerror, an error handling routine.  These routines must be supplied by the user; is useful for creat-
       ing lexical analyzers usable by

       -d Writes all define statements to file.  This allows source files other than to access the token codes.

       -v Writes description of parsing tables and report of grammatical conflicts to file.

       The number of reduce-reduce and shift-reduce conflicts is reported on the standard output; a more detailed report is  found  in	the  Simi-
       larly, if some rules are not reachable from the start symbol, this is also reported.

       Because file names are fixed, at most one process can be active in a given directory at a time.

       y.output		   defines for token names
       yacc.tmp, yacc.acts temporary files

See Also
       "YACC - Yet Another Compiler Compiler" ULTRIX Supplementary Documents Vol. II:Programmer

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