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cdc(1) [ultrix man page]

cdc(1)							      General Commands Manual							    cdc(1)

       cdc - change delta commentary of an SCCS file

       cdc -rSID [-m[mrlist]]  [-y[comment]] files

       The command changes the delta commentary of each named SCCS file, for the SID specified by the -r option.

       The  delta  commentary  is  defined to be the Modification Request (MR) and comment information usually specified by the command (-m and -y

       The commentary may consist of one or more lines, terminated by a dot in column one of a new line.

       If a directory is named, behaves as though each file in the directory were specified as a named file, except non-SCCS files (last component
       of the path name does not begin with s.)  and unreadable files, which are silently ignored.  If a name of - is given, the standard input is
       read (see RESTRICTIONS).  Each line of the standard input is taken to be the name of an SCCS file to be processed.

       Arguments to which may appear in any order, consist of option arguments, and file names.

       All the described option arguments apply independently to each named file.

       -m[mrlist]     Adds or deletes modification numbers.  If the SCCS file has the v flag set then a list of MR  numbers  to  be  added  and/or
		      deleted  in the delta commentary of the SID specified by the -r option may be supplied.  For further information, see A null
		      MR list has no effect.

		      MR entries are added to the list of MRs in the same manner as that of In order to delete an MR, precede the MR  number  with
		      the  character  ! (see Examples).  If the MR to be deleted is currently in the list of MRs, it is removed and changed into a
		      comment line.  A list of all deleted MRs is placed in the comment section of the delta commentary and is preceded by a  com-
		      ment line stating that they were deleted.

		      If  -m  is not used and the standard input is a terminal, the prompt MRs?  is issued on the standard output before the stan-
		      dard input is read.  If the standard input is not a terminal, no prompt is issued.  The MRs? prompt always precedes the com-
		      ments? prompt (see -y option).
		      MRs in a list are separated by blanks and/or tab characters.  An unescaped new-line character terminates the MR list.

		      Note  that  if  the v flag has a value it is taken to be the name of a program (or shell procedure) which validates the cor-
		      rectness of the MR numbers.  For further information, see If a nonzero exit status is returned from the MR number validation
		      program, terminates and the delta commentary remains unchanged.

       -rSID	      Specifies the SCCS Identification string of a delta for which the delta commentary is to be changed.

       -y[comment]    Replaces	existing  commentary  for  the delta specified by the -r option.  The previous comments are kept and preceded by a
		      comment line stating that they were changed.  A null comment has no effect.

		      If -y is not specified and the standard input is a terminal, the prompt comments? is issued on the  standard  output  before
		      the standard input is read; if the standard input is not a terminal, no prompt is issued.  A dot in column one of a new line
		      terminates the comment text.

       Certain permissions are necessary to modify the SCCS file; generally, however, if you made the delta, you can change its delta  commentary,
       and if you own the file and directory you can modify the delta commentary.

       This example shows how to add bl78-12345 and bl79-00001 to the MR list, remove bl77-54321 from the MR list, and add the comment ``trouble''
       to delta 1.6 of s.file.
       sccscdc -r1.6 -m"bl78-12345 !bl77-54321 bl79-00001" -ytrouble .file

       This example does the same thing.
       sccscdc -r1.6 .file

       -MRs? !bl77-54321 bl78-12345 bl79-00001

       comments? trouble

       If SCCS file names are supplied to the command via the standard input (- on the command line), then the -m and  -y  options  must  also	be

       See for explanations.

       For more information, see

       For more information, see

See Also
       admin(1), delta(1), get(1), help(1), prs(1), sccs(1), sccsfile(5)
       Guide to the Source Code Control System

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