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cb(1)							      General Commands Manual							     cb(1)

       cb - C program beautifier


       The  command  places  a copy of the C program from the standard input on the standard output with spacing and indentation that displays the
       structure of the program.


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cat(1)							      General Commands Manual							    cat(1)

       cat - concatenate and print data

       cat [ -b ] [ -e ] [ -n ] [ -s ] [ -t ] [ -u ] [ -v ] file...

       The  command reads each file in sequence and displays it on the standard output.  Therefore, to display the file on the standard output you
       cat file
       To concatenate two files and place the result on the third you type:
       cat file1 file2 > file3
       To concatenate two files and append them to a third you type:
       cat file1 file2 >> file3
       If no input file is given, or if a minus sign (-) is encountered as an argument, reads from the standard input file.  Output is buffered in
       1024-byte blocks unless the standard output is a terminal, in which case it is line buffered.  The utility supports the processing of 8-bit

       -b   Ignores blank lines and precedes each output line with its line number.

       -e   Displays a dollar sign ($) at the end of each output line.

       -n   Precedes all output lines (including blank lines) with line numbers.

       -s   Squeezes adjacent blank lines from output and single spaces output.

       -t   Displays non-printing characters (including tabs) in output.  In addition to those representations used with the -v  option,  all  tab
	    characters are displayed as ^I.

       -u   Unbuffers output.

       -v   Displays  non-printing  characters (excluding tabs and newline) as the ^x.	If the character is in the range octal 0177 to octal 0241,
	    it is displayed as M-x. The delete character (octal 0177) displays as ^?.  For example, is displayed as ^X.

See Also
       cp(1), ex(1), more(1), pr(1), tail(1)

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