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WIMAX_MSG_SEND(9)			 Linux Networking			WIMAX_MSG_SEND(9)

       wimax_msg_send - Send a pre-allocated message to user space

       int wimax_msg_send(struct wimax_dev * wimax_dev, struct sk_buff * skb);

	   WiMAX device descriptor


	   struct sk_buff returned by wimax_msg_alloc. Note the ownership of skb is transferred
	   to this function.

       0 if ok, < 0 errno code on error

       Sends a free-form message that was preallocated with wimax_msg_alloc and filled up.

       Assumes that once you pass an skb to this function for sending, it owns it and will
       release it when done (on success).

       Don't use skb_push/skb_pull/skb_reserve on the skb, as wimax_msg_send depends on skb->data
       being placed at the beginning of the user message.

       Unlike other WiMAX stack calls, this call can be used way early, even before wimax_dev_add
       is called, as long as the wimax_dev->net_dev pointer is set to point to a proper net_dev.
       This is so that drivers can use it early in case they need to send stuff around or
       communicate with user space.

Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6.		    July 2010				WIMAX_MSG_SEND(9)
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