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SuSE 11.3 - man page for struct_regulator_ops (suse section 9)

struct_regulator_ops - regulator operations.
struct regulator_ops { int (* list_voltage) (struct regulator_dev *, unsigned selector); int (* set_voltage) (struct regulator_dev *, int min_uV, int max_uV); int (* get_voltage) (struct regulator_dev *); int (* set_current_limit) (struct regulator_dev *,int min_uA, int max_uA); int (* get_current_limit) (struct regulator_dev *); int (* enable) (struct regulator_dev *); int (* disable) (struct regulator_dev *); int (* is_enabled) (struct regulator_dev *); int (* set_mode) (struct regulator_dev *, unsigned int mode); unsigned int (* get_mode) (struct regulator_dev *); int (* enable_time) (struct regulator_dev *); int (* get_status) (struct regulator_dev *); unsigned int (* get_optimum_mode) (struct regulator_dev *, int input_uV,int output_uV, int load_uA); int (* set_suspend_voltage) (struct regulator_dev *, int uV); int (* set_suspend_enable) (struct regulator_dev *); int (* set_suspend_disable) (struct regulator_dev *); int (* set_suspend_mode) (struct regulator_dev *, unsigned int mode); };
list_voltage Return one of the supported voltages, in microvolts; zero if the selector indicates a voltage that is unusable on this system; or negative errno. Selectors range from zero to one less than regulator_desc.n_voltages. Voltages may be reported in any order. set_voltage Set the voltage for the regulator within the range specified. The driver should select the voltage closest to min_uV. get_voltage Return the currently configured voltage for the regulator. set_current_limit Configure a limit for a current-limited regulator. get_current_limit Get the configured limit for a current-limited regulator. enable Configure the regulator as enabled. disable Configure the regulator as disabled. is_enabled Return 1 if the regulator is enabled, 0 if not. May also return negative errno. set_mode Set the configured operating mode for the regulator. get_mode Get the configured operating mode for the regulator. enable_time Time taken for the regulator voltage output voltage to stabalise after being enabled, in microseconds. get_status Return actual (not as-configured) status of regulator, as a REGULATOR_STATUS value (or negative errno) get_optimum_mode Get the most efficient operating mode for the regulator when running with the specified parameters. set_suspend_voltage Set the voltage for the regulator when the system is suspended. set_suspend_enable Mark the regulator as enabled when the system is suspended. set_suspend_disable Mark the regulator as disabled when the system is suspended. set_suspend_mode Set the operating mode for the regulator when the system is suspended.
This struct describes regulator operations which can be implemented by regulator chip drivers.
Liam Girdwood <lrg@slimlogic.co.uk> Author. Mark Brown <broonie@opensource.wolfsonmicro.com> Wolfson Microelectronics, Author.
Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. July 2010 STRUCT REGULATOR_OPS(9)

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