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SPI_REGISTER_BOARD_I(9) 	  Serial Peripheral Interface (S	  SPI_REGISTER_BOARD_I(9)

       spi_register_board_info - register SPI devices for a given board

       int spi_register_board_info(struct spi_board_info const * info, unsigned n);

	   array of chip descriptors

	   how many descriptors are provided

       can sleep

       Board-specific early init code calls this (probably during arch_initcall) with segments of
       the SPI device table. Any device nodes are created later, after the relevant parent SPI
       controller (bus_num) is defined. We keep this table of devices forever, so that reloading
       a controller driver will not make Linux forget about these hard-wired devices.

       Other code can also call this, e.g. a particular add-on board might provide SPI devices
       through its expansion connector, so code initializing that board would naturally declare
       its SPI devices.

       The board info passed can safely be __initdata ... but be careful of any embedded pointers
       (platform_data, etc), they're copied as-is.

Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6.		    July 2010			  SPI_REGISTER_BOARD_I(9)
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