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LVSCAN(8)										LVSCAN(8)

       lvscan - scan (all disks) for logical volumes

       lvscan  [-a|--all]  [-b|--blockdevice]  [-d|--debug]  [-h|--help] [--ignorelockingfailure]
       [-P|--partial] [-v|--verbose]

       lvscan scans all known volume groups or all supported LVM block devices in the system  for
       defined logical volumes.

       See lvm for common options.

       --all  Include  information  in	the output about internal Logical Volumes that are compo-
	      nents of normally-accessible Logical Volumes, such as mirrors, but  which  are  not
	      independently  accessible (e.g. not mountable).  For example, after creating a mir-
	      ror using 'lvcreate -m1 --mirrorlog disk', this option will reveal  three  internal
	      Logical Volumes, with suffixes mimage_0, mimage_1, and mlog.

       -b, --blockdevice
	      Adds the device major and minor numbers to the display of each logical volume.

       lvm(8), lvcreate(8), lvdisplay(8)

Sistina Software UK		LVM TOOLS 2.02.67(2) (2010-06-04)			LVSCAN(8)
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